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Week 3 completed - getting scared now!

1st run this week, I completed it no problem as I was so distracted with avoiding the clusters of flies, the time flew by!

2nd run, I done it but didn't find it easy. Why do the 3 mins running seem like 6mins and the 3min walk feel like 1min lol!

Just back this evening having completed the 3rd. Really not liking the music this week and glad I had company for this one. A fit friend was free to join me and she agreed to just stick with me and get me through my wee plan. I found it quite entertaining as she had no idea when or for how long each step was and I think this distracted me on this one as I was concentrating on explaining each stage to her and it stopped me from thinking 'I want to stop!'

So all good so far and pleased that I am now going into week 4! Off work now for two weeks so really hoping the weather stays reasonably dry and the wind stays down - find it much harder with the wind! (weather that is!) I have been keeping a diary of my activities, clocking each stage and keeping a rough record of my diet. This and reading lots on here is proving to be a huge help in keeping me motivated and focussed so that I keep going.

Feeling a mixture of fear and excitement about how I will cope next week but I guess its all good when I'm looking forward to it.

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You'll be fine ! I found W4R1 tough but once I'd done it I wanted to do more and knowing what to expect made the next two a lot easier.


You'll soon notice that three minutes running seems to pass a lot more quickly and comfortably !


I also finished Week 3 today and have suddenly realised that Week 4 jumps up quite a bit. My head is saying nooooooooooo, and does not want to go out and give it a go, but as everyone keeps saying, Laura has been right so far and I really do just have to trust the programme - no matter how much I want to give up when my legs ache and I've got stitch!! Good luck :-)


I start week 4 tomorrow. Weather is calling for snow...but I'm determined to do it!!! Good luck to all those week fours!


I start week 4 tomorrow too, I'm also feeling a bit nervous as to how I'll cope with it! It does seem a jump but nothing like the jump next week with the 20 min run. I can't quite get my head around how we did 3 mins last week and 20 mins next!


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