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Got back a little while ago fromt his run, and all went well (mostly). I changed my route slightly as otherwise I'd end up running through the town centre, and as a result ended up a lot further away than usual at the end of the run. I think the extra warm down time probably did me good though, and I got to listen to some of my own tunes while I walked back, whichis nice. This also put into perspective how far i'm running now. It never really clicked before tonight when I walked almost half my usual route just how far it is! I guess like when you've only driven somewhere your judgement of walking time to get there can be way off, this is also true to a lesser extent with running. Even though I'm only running a couple of mph faster than I walk (if that) it makes a lot of difference.

Anyway, to the run itself... I almost didn't go again, I had to work late and didn't get in until after 9. It was so tempting just to chil out in front of the tv then have an early night, but I found myself getting changed into my running gear and preparing to head out, so I did. My subconsciouse mind may be doing this without me now :). Another result of my late working was that I ate rather badly for dinner, so I was expecting my stomach to rebel to being bounced around for 25 minutes, but it didn't!

In short, I had a good run. 25 minutes didn't seem too bad, where a few weeks ago it would have seemed (and been) impossible for me.

I also decided to track my run using an app on my phone for the first time. Does anyone else do this? Any recommendations of a good one (for android). I like to be able to look at stats of my run, although using an app called MapMyRun, I was surprised in that it doesn't seem to produce a map at the end? Might do some research and try a different one next week.

Feeling much better now for having done that.

Oh, and YAY! I'm officially a runner! (I knew those words were coming on this podcast from comments on here, but it was still very nice to hear :))

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Well done you! I can't imagine running 25minutes yet I'm only on week2 still I'm running? 90 seconds longer than I ever did before!!! So once again congratulations:-)


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