Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 2 - Oww! that hurt :-(

I've bought the Doctor Foot's insoles and been stretching and doing wall squats for the last few days to combat the pain in my knees, but the agony after my run this morning is just too much. So I'm going to take a break until my knees are feeling better, I think I'll do a bike ride instead of my Friday run this week and see how my knees are by the weekend.

Can't believe how much I really want to run, it almost like I've been brainwashed.?!/-(!!:-)

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rest up until the knees dont hurt when walking or doing stairs. that would be my advice. a little after finishing c25k I overdid it by running on an incline on the treadmill which I dont usually do & the following morning my knee went from under me. I had to take a month off as I did the silly thing of returning to running too soon. perhaps do the ice, hot water bottle, elevate, rest thing until it is feeling like normal. ice takes the swelling away & hot water bottle brings the blood flowing to that area apparently (told by a nursie friend). I used the cross-trainer & bike with your legs in front of you instead of under you, at the gym & swam to keep my fitness up.

on the plus side it does make you more determined to get back out there :)


Thanks Shelley, I will take your advice, they have been hurting on the stairs for the last couple of weeks. I'm also going to try the R.I.C.E. & hotwater bottle technique this evening.

All the best :-)


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