Couch to 5K

No Laura, no music, no new friend :( but I had Jen

wk7 r 2 hard work good people, it was hard work. You know that bit where your left foot lands and you just want to stop but your right leg swings on forward and you keep moving...

Made a bit of daft gaff this morning, turned up at Halfords all excited to collect my new friend, very nice young man went off into the back to find it for me and I get out the email confirmation to show as order confirmation... Then I actually read it and realise that it's not due in store until Tue 3 April... Sheepishly explain to very nice young man and the manager ( who's come out to explain they'll have to call the dispatch team) that I've made my error :) they going to call me when it comes in

Never mind, I can look forward to week 8 with new friend

Work was fraught today and although I had thought I'd avoid the smokes, that didn't happen...

Got ready to set off with Jen and the Pod was flat, so no Laura!! No music, all potentially a very scary prospect but I had Jen so she set time on her watch and off we went... Slowly lol Jen let me know timings as we went round, apparently I subconsciously speed up when there are other people about lol but it was tough. Still I kept moving, wasn't the best performance by a long way, but 25 mins done

I left Jen to continue on with a quick run at her own pace :)

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Doesn't sound like the best of days but still 25minutes is 25minutes. I'm pretty sure I also speed up when other people appear in my line of vision.

Next Tuesday will be here soon enough, just another week of excited anticipation. :)


Well done on your first outing without Laura! :)


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