OOPs!- running late but had new adventure! :)

OOPs!- running late but had new adventure! :)

Oh dear! afraid i wasn't organized going to my "tuesday nighters" running club previous evening, got nearly there @ 6.20pm, to see them all heading off from the meeting place, luckily i spotted them before the entrance so they never saw me in my car! Must try and be on time :( Forgot the paperwork to hand in so had to head back and was therefore EXTRA late! OOPS, oh well, all changed and "kind-of" fired up now, decided to try running at the forest up the road which i often walked with my old "Ruffdog"; George dog not been there much yet(used to live nearby but not now) , but i know the tracks well and feel safe there on my own( as long as no escaped prisoners from Parkhurst!!)

walked from car up the tarmac path and set off jogging , passed a fit looking runner who was going well, he raised his water bottle in the air, nodding at mine(Snap! same one!) and said cheers! that was jolly of him!!! :) was going to do a nice familiar track, D**M!, forgot it was hilly at the start, huffed and puffed to the top avoiding muddy bits, nice downhill, passed some labradors with a lady, who didn't hear me coming despite the huffing, but the dogs spotted me so she clicked in the end! More uphill now, felt like walking but kept plodding, then a flat bit, looked at watch only 3k, thought it would be WAY further :( hard work and hot and bothered! decided to extend the route, and make myself proud! flat ish stretch, then final push was a steady uphill, be that a gentle one! it was quite gravelly and i wasn't used to that, being more of a road runner in general, spotted the pole across the path which indicated the car park so nearly there! must have looked a sight passing the last dog walker, very huffy by then, but managed to say thanks as he kept his dogs still as i stumbled past!! Got there ! stopped and huffed on pole for a min then back to tha car for a sit down and lots of water!

But Yay, that was a run that i wanted to try, so missing the club gave me that opportunity so it was all good in the end! 4.4k but felt MUCH further!!

**have pictured the jolly squirrel & leaf wood carvings that are there made out of tree stumps , if you are lucky you can see the super sweet Red Squirrels in several locations on the IOW, used to have a tame one where i lived, they are very CUTE!!

Happy running everyone :)


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  • Fantastic story and well done x

  • thanks Gojo, it definitely made a change, so will venture up there again! :)

  • Well done Ali, you turned a potential missed run into a good opportunity for an exciting off roader! Glad you are still enjoying it all. I love the carvings, what a great idea! x :-)

  • hi No-excuse! how are you? the carvings are lovely, if you have time watch this link, the sculptor Paul Sivell has done some lovely ones, but the hare is my absolute favourite! i drive past it every day and it is decorated at easter, christmas etc and also had medals for the olympics! :)

    Due to go out again today, might be a late eve one i think, have surprise day off work as our sewer pump has packed up and we can't open cafe til its fixed! lots to do though so its a bonus, tho won't get paid :(

  • I'm fine thanks Ali- I must get round to a proper post again soon. I enjoyed that little clip, the hare is lovely and the magpies look so realistic! Hope you had a good day off- shame you cant get paid for it though. x :-)

  • hes really good, i looked on his website earlier but no prices :( the neighbours where my mum used to live had some lovely owls made out of their old tree, hes very clever! look forward to reading your post soon :)

    PS my bosses have changed us to 0hr contracts after 10 yrs, i think its unlikely we'll get paid :( but have had good day, a good clear of my workshop( i do metalwork/wood bit and bobs) so i can think straight in there now, and a seafront walk /cafe with my mum sister and niece this pm so was good really, off out with dog now, and hopefully run later when it cools down :)

  • Hi Ali

    It sounds as if it's all going really well, apart from missing your training buddies! I'm always late for things but sometimes it works out ok, as it did for you.

    The sculptures are lovely! I bet George loves the squirrels!!!

  • he love anything little and furry!! especially my guinea pigs! Still only managed one significantly longer run, a bit stuck in that way but think i need to schedule it in, last time i did it was quite determined to reach a certain distance so need to get that frame of mind back and go early i reckon! :) you ok?

  • Hi Ali,

    Sounds like you had a lovely run. Sculptures look great.

    Happy running

  • thankyou! yes i would love one of those in my garden! :)

  • Yes, fine thanks Ali. Since my 10 mile run on Sunday I have been resting up. I walked the neighbour's dog several times yesterday but nothing strenuous. I should have gone running yesterday but never mind, I'm resting my ankle. It's behaving wonderfully well since getting a rest.

  • thats good news, glad you and your ankle are doing well :)

  • What a great run!!

  • thanks! not that easy but certainly felt like i had a good workout! those pavements will feel like luxury now underfoot! :)

  • I bet, lol. One part of the river path I run along is big chippings and gravel. It's horrible. But think how you are developing those leg muscles :)

  • you're not wrong there!! lol :)

  • Great post Ali and the sculptures are lovely. Sounds like you should miss your running group more often :)

  • you might be right, i'm quite happy being solitary really... :)

  • What a great adventure! :-) Glad to hear you headed out despite missing the running group; bet in a way you're glad you did miss them now!

    Ah the bottle raise; that's how I greet other runners too, a raise of my bottle and a cheery wave. I'm always amazed at how people can run without water; I don't think I could!

    Happy resting! :-)

  • thanks M_Y, you'll be glad to know i did get some hoovering done but not TOO much :( i'm not big on housework! Couldn't reply yesterday cos my tablet won't pick up the new site, frustrating :( hope you are still having fun in your yellow peril outfit! got through all my water today on run, it was HOT!! :)

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