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jelly legs

Im new to running outside. I have been running with my girls who are at week 6 of c25k & we have run 1 run of each week outside & they do the other 2 inside on the treadmill at home, so I have slowly got used to the outside world over the last 2 months.

anyways, am on week 11 of a 12 week 10mile plan & today the run was 60mins, which I decided to do outside. after stopping my legs went to jelly! last week I ran for 84mins on the treadmill & have run 40 mins outside before now without these horrible wobbly legs.

my jelly legs were very uncomfortable with pain behind the knee. does anyone else get jelly legs as well??

I did lots of stretching when I got home & so far they seem happy enough so Im just wondering if it is due to my legs getting used to inclines up & down & different surfaces. prior to stopping, 55min in I found my pace & running was really easy & natural & comfy so am a bit confused about why the leg thing.

I drank almost half a litre of squash whilst I ran so dont think I was dehydrated & had breakfast over an hour before I ran.

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OMG Shelley.. 60mins run!! wowzers!! if i ran that far i dont think id have any legs at all never mind jelly legs!! I dont think im any help to you as regards the jelly legs.. perhaps it is the different terrain.. cos you sound like you did everything right as in fluid intake and stretching afterward etc.. new trainers? or do you need new trainers? sorry im not much help to you.. im just in awe of the fact you've run for 30 mins.. perhaps someone else who's more of an expert on this blog might be of more help..

well done tho :)


run for 60 mins rather :0


got new trainers. did the analysis thing when running outside with my girls gave me shin ache.

& it has taken me a year to get to running for this long. i did the b210k as well.

my running anniversary is tomorrow :)


Happy Anniversary for tomorrow!! you are amazing :)


Shelley I usually run on the treadmill too, but so far have done 3 runs outside, each time I run outside my legs do ache in the afternoon, I've put this down to running on a different surface and on slight inclines, which I'm not used to on a treadmill. My aim is to complete the C25K (currently on week 7) doing 2 treadmill runs and 1 outside run each week, then move to outside to work on my speed.

BUT - you've said that you managed to run for 40 mins outside without jelly legs, so maybe it's something else other than different terrain? Sorry this hasn't been much help!!

Congrats on the anniversary!!! :)


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