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Help for a newbie please..

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I am starting week one tomorrow so have a few question if someone wouldn't mind helping me out..

Firstly, how can I get the podcasts on my iPhone without Adobe Flash, think I really do need some kind of audio help, rather then just reading the guidelines-any suggestions?

Secondly I will be using the treadmill at the gym once or twice a week so which speed settings would be suggested for walking/running? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there. If you are using your phone to read this, click on this link:

to take you to google. The first search result will send you directly to iTunes on your phone and you will just need your apple password to download all the podcasts which will then be saved in your iTunes.

Alternatively just go to iTunes on your phone and search for nhs choices and click on them all to download. You will find them in your music under the "podcasts" section.

You don't need flash or anything like that, don't worry :)

Hope this helps

Ah that's great, thank you very much! Don't suppose you can help with my question about the treadmill?

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Hi I run mainly on the treadmill, sometimes outside. For the brisk walk I set the treadmill at 6k and turn it up to 7.5k when I run. I sometimes up that to 7.8k and 8.2k but I'm on week 7 now. I'd say start running at 7.5k and see how you get on, you can then either move it higher or lower depending on how it's going.

Good luck! :)

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I'm glad Minuette provided expertise on the treadmill question... They are a total mystery to me :)

Thanks so much, that's a real help. I will see which I prefer, treadmill or outside!

Thanks again!

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No problem :)

I do both and I enjoy both for different reasons, it's good to have a mix if you're able to :)

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Yep, a mix of the two is great, especially if the weather is rubbish (not so much of a prob at the moment though!).

And you'll find the treadmill speed that suits you. I run at 8.5 - 9k now I've finished, but I started at 7.2k.

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I try and mix the two, but I tend to run mainly on the treadmill as I can't really run off and leave my little one when hubby is at work ;-)

I tend to walk at 6.5kph and now run around 9.5kph working towards 10kph - the first run of a week I tend to do more at 8.5kph just to check I can cope. I actually find it really hard to run slower than that as I keep kicking the front plate of the treadmill - I don't find much different in effort between 8kph and 9kph so just try out different speeds and find what suits you best :-)

Well I completed week 1 run 1 today and it wasnt half as bad as I thought it would be, also did it outside which was nice, will try the treadmill on Thursday. Thank you everyone for your advise, it really encouraged me to get going with it today, and while I'm on a roll does anyone do other training in between runs, gym, classes etc? Debating weather to carry on gym wise as I don't want to knacker my legs out!

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