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Post-graduate slump

I proudly finished all 9 weeks and graduated, having not actually run enough to amount to a 5K, but running for 30 minutes straight (an amazing feat!). Now it's week 12 or so, and I'm in a bit of a slump. I was hoping to carry on and increase my speed, but I'm finding it so hard to do on my own. I know that Laura and the team are planning to create a "next step" program, but it's not there yet. Does anyone have any advice or even their favorite playlist for running? I'm at about 11/11.5 minute miles and need to get it down to 10. Thank you!

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You might have seen my post running escapades. I seem to be getting into all sorts of mishaps, which is perhaps why I keep running, because I am so hopeless and never know what is literally be round the next corner, in my world it might be a dog or a farmers wife.

I have started using Podrunner, I found it on iTunes, they are a number of free downloads which I use to keep running. These are published weekly (?) but there are loads to get, most importantly they have the BPM, so you can either have an easy run 135/140 BPM or a more hardcore 160/170.

I've only used 3 so far but all good. There is also Podrunner interval training, which will give you the bridge to 10K programme.

Worth a go and with the weather improving it would be good to get outside.


I'm dying to finish and get running to my own music! I think something up-tempo is obviously a good idea but other than that its down to your personal taste. I like a bit of cheesy 80s, pop and motivational rock :D

I've heard people saying interval training is good to increase your speed. Why not try going back to one of the earlier podcasts but at the running part go faster than your normal pace and then slow down to a gentle pace during the walking sections?


Rose885 that's exactly what i'll be listening to tomorrow..can't wait


Not so much on music but another C25k graduate pointed me to the asics web site where you can input your current pace, desired pace and by what date you want to run that distance/pace and it comes up with a personalised training plan. You need something like a phone with a stopwatch and some runs of known length so that you can determine what your pace is.

Maybe what you need is to book yourself in for a Parkrun.....


Thank you for the great ideas. Unfortunately, Boston is too far across the pond for me to be part of a Parkrun! I'll have to create my own over here.


Have you asked Laura if you can test her prototype podcast? A few of us on heer are trying it out, and you definitely qualify, as a C25K graddie! Or look for AndyStev who has posted a link to some Bridge to 10k podcasts.


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