Calling all ribenaberries

I know I'm not the only one to come back off a run making a ripe tomato look insipid in comparison, but I am wondering if it's just one of those things, or does the redness calm down a bit the fitter you get? In the meantime, I take comfort in the thought of all the extra benefits to the complexion with the increased circulation

I know know there is truth in the old saying that horses sweat, men perspire and ladies GLOW!

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  • just avoid mirrors :)

  • i was so red yesterday after my run, i seriously think my bllod pressure was up!! as Bxster said just avoid mirrors!!

  • All trouble is as you get fitter you do more! Chasing the redness.

    The only answer is to plan a flattering wardrobe I fear ;-)

  • im so glad you mentioned this, i go a sort of blackcurrent colour, im wondering if this is normal, is there something wrong with my blood should it be a more reddie colour:))

  • I've said this before, but I go raspberry ripple face is streaked pink and white :-)

  • This made me larf! I made the mistake of buying bright pink running tops and the clash with the blotchy beetroot shades of my face is hideous lol! Avoiding mirrors/people is best!

  • About to start week 7 and sorry to report the further along I get on the plan, the redder I get and I didn't think that would be possible haha! :)

  • I have always been a fully paid up member of the beetroot club since I was at school, even when I was quite fit I was always being told to train more becasue of the red face! This is the second time I have done c25k and I think this year the beetroot is a little paler but only one shade. I did see a thread somewhere about this, seems some of us go red and some of us don't

  • When I see other people running and they don't have a red face I think it's weird, they can't be working hard enough or they're superhuman!

    I always get a red face when I'm exercising even when I was fitter so sorry can't reassure you there.

    At least you're building up a sweat...I like to kid myself that I'm working harder and therefore burning more calories (yeah right) :)

  • I'm red and proud! :)

  • Welcome to the family guys! X

  • Your replies all made me laugh. I am a ribenaberry and proud! Think of the money I'll save on blusher!

  • Haha! Glow?! I have never glowed! I go from pale to bright red, even my legs, which transform into pulsating beacons of redness. And the this hot weather, the sweat is such that if i don't get straight into a shower i honk so badly i stop flies mid-air! I thought i suffered alone but glad all you guys go red too!

    Never mind mirrors, i avoid all people...and my own nose!

  • I too go bright red when exercising. Always have done. I don't think it's anything to do with fitness or lack of. Looks like you're not alone, anyway. Think of it has a "healthy glow"..........

  • very red. very sweaty! arms & legs join in with the redness. anywhere that isnt held down under the sports bra (thats the only part of me that stays my normal colour :)

    & lately with the running outside if the sweat gets a chance to dry I also get flaky white patches on my cheeks by my nose & on my chin. hmmmm.

    I think the other joggers & dog walkers say "morning" & are secretly thinking "that doesnt look healthy!"

    on the plus side, I hardly ever get spots on my face & people have commented on my healthy looking skin so it must be like using a sauna/steam room.

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