How much personal safety do you consider when you go for your run?

I'm running along the pavement and thinking what happens if I get knocked over or have an accident? I am away from home, the person who hit me won't know who I am, the paramedics won't know my needs. I run without ID and my phone I use for GPS and podcast is locked with a password. So they won't be able to go through it and find out who I am or how to get in touch with my wife.

I run as safely as I can with a flouresent stip and on the pavement. But sometimes you can't plan for everything.

Any suggestions, and apologies for the downer.


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17 Replies

  • that's an interesting one and one I have with my wife from time to time. I try to be visible so am a vision in orange, but like you no ID, I don't run with my phone or anything and also because I very my route so much almost no chance of anyone guessing where I might be at any time.

    I have toyed with something like this:

    as I don't want to be carrying around my phone or wallet or anything like that. I probably should.......a timely reminder.

  • It's that or a tattoo saying "if lost, please return to..."

    I've considered that question, but I suppose I also run with no ID. To be fair, even the Tesco Club-Card on my house-keys would be enough to identify me, but I leave my keys at home.

    That said, my wife came with me last time and would know where I run. If I went out and was not back 40 minutes later, I think she would call me or come out to find me.

  • lol the tattoo idea made me laugh

  • and me

  • Ahh yes but where would you ask to be returned to?


  • Think I may tattoo 'return to' and fill in the rest with semi-permanent marker, just to keep my options open...

  • :-) An old thread but just in case anyone is interested these are great:

    Barcode which scans every time no bother, name, chosen ICE number and pre-existing medical details if needed. Mine is with my keys but you could thread on shoelaces.

  • I have sometimes thought about this problem, but usually have my phone with me but of course that has a pin lock so wouldn't be that helpful.

    I brought these for using at parkruns some months ago but hadn't really thought about how useful it could be on a normal run. Thank you for the great suggestion I have a zip pocket in my running tights I will put one of my tags in there from now on.

  • Glad it helped. My phone is pin locked too, but yes wise to have - I also carry an emergency £5, in case of taxi. I had my calf completely go on me once and so learned the hard way!

  • i'm a nightmare and don't carry anything other than my phone (password locked). maybe should get something. on other sites have read about getting something as simple as a dog tag and putting name / emergency contact number on. maybe i should add it to my to do list for the weekend

  • I'm running with a Phone that isn't password locked, just press star type

    may be just turn off the locking facility whilst you running will do?

    Liking the dog tags idea though

    Or how about stiching name into running kit like ya mum used to do to your PE kit :)

  • Only time I've run with my phone was on the Camel Trail last week as it's not easily accessible by car and has the Cornish Air Ambulance landing on it every so often!

    I use hi-vis vests and flashing armbands for visibility. I am aware as a single woman running on her own at either end of the day when it's been dark, and being plugged into headphones that I'm an accident waiting to happen re being attacked, but I run in well lit streets and keep away from quiet paths, always running by the main roads. We live in a quiet Cornish town where I haven't heard of a mugging/attack on anyone in a very long time.

    Why should we be put off our interests in fear of what could happen??

  • Actually, you'd be surprised; men are significantly more likely to be randomly attacked than women. It does depend on the area you live in, but you're statistically safer than a man of the same age.

  • I'm so bad when it comes to personal safety/visability. At the moment I'm using the cover of darkness to run un-noticed. I run with my dog, but he's a black lab and blends into the dark, and I run in a dark tracksuit at the moment, with no reflective markings. Not the best!

    Again, my phone is locked, but the dog does have the home number on his collar. I'm looking into buying a reflective lead and when I invest in some new running gear (as a treat when I complete the plan), I'll look at something that makes me a little more visable.

  • After a nasty fall while out on a long uncharted run I now insist that my husband takes a small lightweight mobile phone zipped into his pocket - to call for help if needed or simply to let us know if he's going to be back much later than anticipated. It wouldn't be the first time he's got carried away with the joy of running that he's lost track of time.

  • I have often pondered this very question and have started carrying my mobile with me! You never know what may happen so best be safe rather than sorry, also tell someone where you ar going and how long you anticipate you'll be. Be safe all :)

  • Someone told me to just tuck a piece of paper with name, address, phone number in your sock before you go, I always do that now, not sure how effective and I hope I never find out :)

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