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Disappointing run...determined to do better next time

Feel I need to offload, so apologies in advance for a rambling post. This may be a bit 'dear diary'...

I've been struggling to get out on runs over the last few weeks, so I'd had a gap of 10 days since completing W6R3 before I headed out for W7R1. I'd already had a word with myself to just get out and do it, and a quick read of everyone's posts got me off the sofa and into my running gear.

Well it didn't go quite to plan...

First I couldn't find my headphones, so had to use an old spare pair. 5 mins spent searching. Then I couldn't get the right podcast to play on my phone, and halfway through the warm up walk my phone decided to stop playing W7's podcast and restart W5! So another 2 mins wasted while I reset the podcast.

Ok, time to start running. 2 mins in the headphones fall out my ears. Then fall out again 30 seconds later.

So in frustration they were ripped out and deposited in a handy skip as I jogged past. So no more Laura - I considered playing it through the phone speaker as I was on a quiet country lane with no one to annoy. But no, phone stopped playing the podcast when I unplugged, so for the first time I ran without any music or encouragement.

Then the heavens opened and it started to chuck down. All those who say they enjoy running in the rain - I don't believe you! It's horrible!

Without the music I found it much harder to pace myself and so I think I was going too fast, after 15 mins I couldn't run another step, so had to walk for a couple of mins and then managed to run for about 5 mins before admitting defeat and walking the rest of the way home. Apart from another short sprint when it started raining again. So out of the 25mins I should have run, I probably only managed about 20.

It's the first time I've had a bad run, and it was so frustrating. I spent the rest of the day really disappointed in how I'd done. I know it's better than nothing, and the long delay between weeks 6 and 7 hasn't helped. I'm determined to get out again this weekend and try again, I'm not going to give up having come this far! I managed W6R3 so I know I can run for that length of time, I just need to think positive. But at least I've found my headphones again ;-)

Thanks for listening!

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Bad run day. It happens to everyone one. Mine was Week 6 run 3. So take the positives, you DID run for 20 mins even with a break in between, and you managed that with the world against you (or so it felt). I think for a lot of running, the main problem is the mental challenge of succeeding. So, in the face of adversity, you still managed to run for 20 minutes. You were off the couch, and that puts you over and above many many hundreds of thousands of people.

Well done.


sounds like bad ' everything' day... ( mine was week 5 run 3)

As you say you KNOW you can do it... you have before , you will again...

listening ?



its what we're here for!!


Aw Lucy xxxx You sound as sick as a chip !

I had problems with Week 7s podcast too , I remember . It did exactly the same as yours . I didn't know if I was coming or going, running or walking or what :-)

All you can do is put it to the back of your mind and move on . It happens to us all , even Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe ! Its all a learning curve, all character building .

Try and put it down as one of those runs and move on . Get out again this weekend and show it whos the Boss !

You have come so far, Missus !

Onwards , always ! :-) xxx


The odds really were not in your favour were they! We've all had those days. The important thing is to still carry on as best you can - which is exactly what you did! Difficult to shake the feeling of disappointment and frustration though, I'm sure.

I often find that a really good run comes off the back of a rubbish one (this week I had one of my worst runs yet, almost bringing me to tears it was so bad, followed by accidentally knocking almost a minute off of my previous 5K PB when I had no intention of even attempting it!) so try and shake today's off and get back out there with a smile on your face!

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Thanks folks, been feeling sorry for myself and need to (wo)man up and get back in the saddle so to speak!

Your reassurance and encouragement is a great help x

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Bad runs, we all get 'em. Just a week ago, I went out for an early morning run and gave up after no more than 200 excruciatingly painful metres. It was appalling and I felt terrible, a week later I'm out with my work buddies running a race with 6000 people and the best 5k time I've recorded in 3 months.

Bank it, forget it and move on. It's part of the game. But the next run, that will be glorious.....


Well I went out today... with the right headphones so they stayed in, still got rained on but I kept a sensible pace and I completed the 25 mins without stopping :-) Dare I say it I even enjoyed the music this week!

Thanks for keeping me on track x


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