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Should have had that extra hour in bed

As I didn't want to have to do my 3rd run this week tomorrow was up and out there this morning! After my epic run on Thursday I should have really listened to my body and taken an extra rest day (my calfs were very very stiff and achey) but no I pulled on my trainers and went for it. Ouch....I ran for 1.5k and then had to stop...didn't want to injure myself. Was a treck back to the house.

Will take it easy next week and gradually build up my time over 30 mins!!!

On a plus note I am up bright and early and even though I didn't run all the way I still covered 3km....something is better than nothing!!!!

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Well done! It's really hard sometimes. I had to have a week break at the start as my feet were really sore- new fitted running shoes and a week off I felt I would be back to the start but was amazed when I did go out I could still do the run. Stick with it you're doing great !


ouch :( extra gentle stretching for you?...

I recommend you get yourself a copy of this months Women's Running (bought myself my first copy yesterday having had a couple of copies from friends) have a look at the runners workout bits, I'm going to spend half an hour on the rest days gently doing some exercises on the living room floor :)

A work colleague (not the fab leg passing Jen) has had to reign in her over 10k plans as her bum muscles not up to it yet.

It seems this running business is both addictive and gives you a whole new conversation piece...


Have bought this months Womens Running based on your recommendation. We are def turning into running geeks


Pg 18 Curry IS a legit training food! :) lol


Excellent news! :)


Hi Ali, fancy seeing you here.. I don't post but often have a read of some of the blogs. Well done on getting this far. If I had said to you 10 weeks ago that you would have been able to run 5k non stop you wouldn't have believed me! You've done brilliantly. Don't worry about this mornings run, everyone has bad runs once in a while. I found the first week after graduating particuarly hard! I've ran 3 runs over 5k this week but Monday I just wasnt feeling it and also only ran 1.5k. In January we couldn't run 1.5 minutes so still a massive achievement! keep going you are doing fabulous! xxx


Hello!!!!! Weird seeing someone you know (in real life!!) on here. The podcasts you recommended and this forum has got me through the last 9/10 weeks. So a BIG thank you

Have struggled this week as no set plan...think I need to right down what I want to achieve each week /run before setting off as need that goal. It's funny if i'd had such a bad run a few weeks ago i'd have beaten myself up but today just put it down to one of those days!!!

How did your 5k go today??? xxxxs


* right = write!


A runner friend of mine told me there is no such thing as a bad run - even if you only manage ten minutes it's better than no run at all. I frequently tell myself that when I return home after not completely my full distance or time!


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