Couch to 5K


I haven't posted much around here but I've been quietly getting inspiration from all of your blogs over the past nine weeks.

And two days ago, I did my final run of Week 9.

I've been off the cigarettes now for nine weeks too and feel so much better for it.

And four weeks ago, I decided it was time to start the diet too (thought quitting cigs and dieting together might be a bit rough in the early stages). I've lost 11lb since then.

Although there's still quite a way to go, I'm more confident, at the age of 52, than I've ever been that I can lose the weight and persevere with my exercise regime.

Thanks to all of you whose stories made me realise that all you need is determination and belief in yourself. And good luck to all those of you still in the middle of it. I'll still keep reading, especially when I sense my motivation flagging.

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Congratulations Debbzi on both graduating and giving up the cigrarettes! You should be very proud of yourself!!!! You are doing fab with the diet too...well done you :))


That's a great achievement, well done on everything - the weight loss, quitting smoking and the running - a hat trick! :)


:) brilliant, congratulations - I've got to start the smoke quitting part, Wk7 now and realised I can't do both... good luck with your plans, drop in to tell us how you doing :)


Thanks, all of you. I've taken a couple of days off and will do my first solo run tomorrow. I've made up a playlist and am aiming for 35 minutes. Bxster, I ditched the smoking with the aid of Champix. It eliminates the craving, meaning you only have to deal with the habit side of things. And it makes such a difference to your breathing.


Well done debbzi, that's a great achievement. 30 minutes running, no smokes and dieting. There is a C25K podcast in the making, can't say I particularly like the music, but it might be helpful to help improve the distance covered. I am also enjoying my own playlists, it's about the only time I have to re-listen to my music collection. I'm ages with you so have quite a range of music. Keep up the good work :)


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