Graduated with a 5k – whoop, whoop!

Well I graduated this morning with a 5k in 39 minutes – feeling pretty chuffed and proud of myself right now! I have loved everything about C25k it has been awesome – you just keep plugging away and before you know it it's graduation day! I will definitely still be looking at this forum every day as it has helped me so much on my journey. Onwards and upwards now – in nine weeks time I hope to be able to post that I have made it to 10k!


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14 Replies

  • Congratulations! Those weeks do go by quickly.

  • They certainly do! I'm kind of sad to be saying goodbye to Laura but on the other hand I'm looking forward to playing my own music!

  • When you feel you can tackle even worse music, try the c25k+ podcasts. They're here on this site but they will have you looking back fondly on the c25k music. There are 3: stepping stones, speed and stamina with Laura talking you through them.

  • Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations! :)

  • Well done :)

    Brilliant that you ran on to 5k too, it's such a good feeling knowing you can do it :)

    I took Laura and the week 9 podcast out for a couple of weeks post-grad! I got used to the reggae track near the end cheering me up!

    Good luck with the journey to 10k, it's not as scary as 0-5k, just remember slow and steady :)

  • Well done , congratulations on your graduation and 5k 😊

    Build up gradually to that 10k , the usual increase is approx 10% of your weekly km's or time

  • Well done, its great that you already have a new target in your mind also !

  • Well done you!😊💪👏

  • congratulations!

  • Brilliant Saffie !

    Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation !

    I hope you love wherever your running takes you from here :-)

    Happy Running ! xxx

  • Well done you! Inspiration to keep going for all of us just over the half way point!

  • Congratulations and jubilations! You must be very proud of yourself, as well you should be :)

  • Congratulations! It's so inspiring every time I see people reach this goal.

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