Couch to 5K

Week 8 - Run 2 and feeling good

After my crisis of confidence on run 1 I was feeling a lot better this time round thanks to all the encouragement :)

I set off this morning and had a few technical issues, the podcast kept skipping and then my phone was calling random people, argh! After a few attempts to fix it I gave up and went solo using the endomondo app to time myself.

I was thinking that I would fail without Laura's encouragement but I just jogged along and checked my time every so often, it seemed to go much faster and before I knew it I was on 24mins! I even managed to speed up for the final part and got a new PB of 1 mile in 10m:08s! My distance was still at the 4k mark but I'm not beating myself up about it since I didn't find it so tiring this time.

Bring on run 3 on Sunday!

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well done! its really annoying when the podcasts slip, someone said to delete them and download them again, but I got so fed up I have put them onto my mp3 player instead of my phone! I think you did really well to keep going, really impressed you were looking at times etc, I think I must be the slowest runner in the world, just glad to get to the end of each one! good luck with the last few runs.


Well done! I'm due to do week 8 run 2 tomorrow. Good Luck with run 3.


Glad you had a better run - well done! :)


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