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Bad knees, please help?!

Hi, I'm asking this on behalf of my dad who is semi keen to give the programme a try after I've been raving about it to him! Trouble is he has trouble with his knees even going up and down stairs sometimes so he is slightly apprehensive to start running. So to try and shorten the already lengthy story/question, could anyone recommend any particular knee supports as he wants to get some before he starts?!

Hope that makes sense? Any advice much appreciated!

:o) xx

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It is probably best that he gets it checked out by his doctor before starting the programme.

I run with knee pain caused by hypermobility syndrome and in my case supports and strapping are not recommended as over time the muscles can weaken and therefore the joint will be left with less support that it started off with!

If like my other half or my dad; it might be tricky getting him to the doctor to have it checked out before starting the programme maybe he would consider doing some strengthening exercises for the knees. This website looks quite helpful:

I currently do the 3 intermediate steps as part of my daily routine and instead of rubber bands I use ankle weights.

I would be worried though that running would aggravate the pain that is already there. Does he have any idea what causes it? Does walking make it worse or the stairs?


It's great that he fancies doing some exercise, but sadly running would probably be a bad choice if he has dodgy knees. Advise from the doctor about what would be suitable is the best way forward, or if he doesn't want to see the doc he could get some ideas from the local sports centre. The staff are usually well trained and would have good ideas.


Thanks for all ur help guys, I'll pass it on to my dad! :o)


I had a knee injury and used a neoprene knee support which I got from the local budget sports store, I took it really easy to make sure I didn't make it worse and it is much better now, however If his knees are not up to following the program he could use the podcasts on a a stationary bike to build up his fitness or use it for walking/power walking rather than running, he might find with more fitness that his knees start to improve and he could try running then.


I built up some fitness on a stationary cycle before attempting c25k and managed up to 16k in 40 minutes but at week 4 developed knee pain in left knee, no swelling but pain on applying weight. Hoping this will go. Tried week 4.2 but failed through pain. Going to give it an extra days rest before I try again. I am 62 an have AS but not giving up that easily. Going for full spine scan this week as weakness in left arm so there could be a connection. Wish me luck.


Been advised not to run at all. Do I give up? Or is there an answer?


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