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Wk2 bad knees :(

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Hi everyone, I've just finished week 2 and am feeling really chuffed. Only problem is I've had terrible pain In both knees all week and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I done all 3 runs of week 2 anyway which was horrendous but now I'm worried about week 3. Should I take a break until the pain subsides? Even walking or going upstairs is painful.



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Hey Lisa, totally been there! It's just so painful isn't it. And frustrating cis I bet you're starting to enjoy it now!

Are you having your rest days? I did too much at first and that was my problem. I was just a bit eager!

I had to have about 4 rest days and they eased off loads. Then after each run I RICE so put my legs up, relaxed and I got some ice box coolers wrapped in tea towel. No problems with my knees since and I've done 2 5ks this week! (My HIPS on the other hand! Ouch!) good luck and well done x

Hi Lisa

I've had similar problems with swollen knees after I run which didn't improve no matter how long I stretched for or warmed up. I was on week 4 but decided just to repeat week 2 for a while to see if that made any difference, I also made sure I only ever ran on grass but still my knees would swell. It got to the point where bending down and getting back up was painful and difficult, even with a 4 day break between runs. Having spoken to a physio I'm now back to walking which I'm really disappointed about because I was really enjoying the running. My advice would be to see a physio, you only have one pair of knees and it's worth looking after them. Good luck and hopefully you can continue!

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TwistaRunsGraduate in reply to TheReluctantRunner

Oh what a shame for you 😔. But you're right- gotta look after yourself haven't you xx

Swollen? Have you been tested for an inflammatory arthritis? If I push my joints too much too fast they swell. My rheumatologist says that normal people don't have that issue. It's frustrating for sure. If it's the case medication can make a huge difference.

Yes rest as frustrating as it is. Body needs to recover. Maybe try walking instead if you're abe to after a few days xx

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Yes in the first few weeks my knees ached big time!

Take a few days off & take each run slowly :)

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I had it when I first started, much better now some of the muscles have become accustomed to running, take a break, don't keep running if that painful, give them a bit more time to repair, maybe some swimming?

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Thanks for all your replies. I will take a break until the pain goes and try the RICE advice after running. I'm off work for 2 weeks on leave so hopefully I'll be able to get back to where I need to be. I can believe how addictive it's become already!!

I'd take a rest and try and figure out what might be causing the problem. I have knee pain caused by IT band issues so I'm currently taking rest days but also stretching and doing exercises on YouTube to try and keep up my fitness level while I work on my knee. You might have another issue but I wouldn't work through that kind of pain.

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I think rest them don't do anything that is painful ! I hurt my knee on a hilly park run and have still been running 30-40 mins 3 times a week since (just putting up with the odd twinge) I did decide to increase rest days to 2 but yesterday decided maybe I was a bit better so went after 1 rest day I had only run for about 6 mins and I got pain that was more continuous so had to walk home (luckily it doesn't hurt walking) I am now going to rest for a week (not sure how I am addicted but working on the principle if I don't look after it I could end up injured worse or for longer) good luck ! ;)

May I suggest you try spinning to supplement your running, low impact and maybe Yoga.

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