Knees please!

Anyone got some advice for me please? I injured my left knee many years ago, up till now it's been fine when running, but the other day I took a slightly longer step than usual to reach the kerb, and my back leg (left knee) sort of hurts when I bend my knees, but is ok most of the time. I haven't run since - any suggestions? Go out and try it? Rest it till it's completely gone? See the doc?

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  • See a doc/physio ASAP. Sounds like an injury versus a niggle. Don't run again till checked out, better safe than sorry. It might mean in general you need to work on strengthening that area with squats & stretches (have a look on the nhs site for tips). But get this injury healed up first before you get back to that x

  • Thanks MP, I'm chary of aggravating it, it's given me so much agony in the past...

  • Not liking that curly :( rest definitely , if it doesn't improve docs or physio , if it improves , a gentle slow short run out yes to see how it feels then decide from there, better to be safe and not risk further IC time . .. Hope you recover quickly curly :)

  • Thank you Rob, I thought I might try a short gentle hop tomorrow, and obviously stop if it twinges...I stopped right away when I did it, and I guess I must have looked in pain as an old lady pointed and asked me if I was ok - at least I think that's what she meant, I was in Spain!

  • you did the right thing curly :) it must be very worrying when you feel something go like that .. fingers crossed for you :)

  • Where exactly does it hurt, Sarah?

  • Outside left sort of at the top of the bone where it meets the knee cap. It looks a bit bruised hurts at the bottom and top in the middle when I bend my knees...

  • If you imagine looking at my knee from the front, it's between 3.30 and 5.30 on a clock face. A little internet research suggests later lateral collateral ligament..

  • I'm not liking the sound of this Curly. Sounds to me like you need a Lovely James in your life at the moment. Have come to the conclusion that knees are like car engines. If your engine makes a funny noise it you get it seen to before whatever it is gets worse. Same with knees, if it hurts and it's more than a twinge, then you need to see someone.

    Such bad news, Sweetie, you've made some awesome progress this summer and it seems so unfair that you should pick up a knee injury just as you're returning to England xxx

  • Thanks Carrie, I've been doing some research and it doesn't seem as bad as it might be... explanations of when to see a doc don't seem to include my symptoms. I'm just scared to go back to the pain I had before...I'll try a gentle hop and see how I go xx

  • Who is James and when can he come to see me? :-)

  • Lovely James is my physio, the man with the healing (if agonising) hands- got me running again after my knee injury and broken ankle. Everyone needs a Lovely James in their life. xx

  • πŸ˜”hope it turns out to be a temporary twinge. Take care of yourself. .....

  • Should see the Dr to check it out, don't want to do any damage. Does it hurt when you walk/run?

  • Walking is fine, I haven't run since...

  • I would rest it and I bet it will be fine in a few days. You could get the ice packs on the go!

    I wouldn't base your diagnosis on what you read on the internet! You'll just scare the beejesus out yourself.

  • Actually, I think the internet has set my mind at rest, it probably isn't all that bad. I read a list of "when to see the doc" symptoms and I haven't got any of them. The bruise is a bit worrying though...A few days off won't do me any harm except I want to run in my new tops :-(

  • Mornin! Haven't caught up with you for a while.

    Goddamn knees! Essential buggers aren't they.. And they do need some care don't they.

    I'd certainly give them a rest up before taking them out for a gentle trial. I always wear supports as a preventative measure 'just in case'.. Just take care πŸ˜ƒ xx

  • Hi Pinkie! Can you recommend a support please? I've just been looking at them and there's a bewildering selection, from a fiver to silly money...

  • Hiya, yes there's loads isn't there!

    I use these without fail every time I run (don't know how to paste a link, sorry) :

    Scholl pro-sport elasticated support knee medium - Β£7.10 From Amazon. I wear one on each knee and have had no problems. And it was my Knees I worried about when I first started running.

    I'm not sure if these help or not but being As I've avoided injury I think they must have (and I've been prone to dodgy knees in the past).

    I would certainly give them a go ☺

  • Thanks Pinkie, I just Googled them, why do they come in a pack of three? Umm, don't know about you but I've only got two legs...

  • Hhmm how odd.. I bought mine singly - although I do have three! (got a spare 'just in case'.. That's me!) πŸ˜€πŸ˜„β˜Ί

  • In case you wake up with a third leg one morning? :-)

  • Hehe πŸ˜€ 😁 πŸ˜ƒ

  • See a doc - the knee is quite a complex bugger? The doc won't know anything but will be able to refer you on for scans (maybe if needed), physio - only drawback is referrals take ages. I had meniscus problems in both knees which kept me on the IC for far too long - so look after your knees and be careful knot to damage it any further. It is easy to damage them and much harder to fix them.

  • I know how frustrating this can be as I have been off running for about 4 weeks now due to a pain in one knee. It has finally gone away - I started wearing elasticated support bandage and that helped I think. When I finally start running again I will wear the support bandage and start slowly. Good luck and hopefully it will just take time.

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