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W5r1 - was that really me? (and a fluffy white dog?)

Ok Bxter, spurred on by your encouragement we dismissed the thought of repeating w4r3 and went for w5. Brilliant! Lovely sunny morning with a hint of frost. Through the dappled sunlight in the woods and I find myself wondering what food I should be eating to make the runs the best they can be. Today was beans on toast for breakfast and, I'll only admit it here, a small square of dark chocolate before we set off. 3 x 5 minute runs was just right, even Poppy seems to be getting into her stride. After an unknown past and not being in the best of condition when she joined our family she's definitely running better, a smooth trot rather than hopping with her back legs. So if she looks better, I wonder if there's any difference in me? Not weight wise, I've put on 3lb. Grrr. But I wonder if hubby is suspicious, he's eyed up my running shoes and said how much he'd like it if I could manage to just run down the road. Little does he know, I managed 15 minutes this morning. As he works up to his marathon he'll be pounding the hills for three hours (!) this Saturday morning - should be enough time for me to fit in w5r2 as long as we don't meet up on the same paths ...

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Can't wait for the installment where he finds out, have you masterminded a plan yet?


Grinning for you :) chuffed you went for it :)

starting to think that a carefully timed accidental bumping into hubby whilst out running could be a very surprising way to find out :)


Good to hear things are going well for both you and Poppy. Can't wait to read your blog outlining how he finds out (or when you tell him)! :) :)


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