Couch to 5K

week 5 run 1 done:)

wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be! think it helped that i made sure i had a snack this afternoon, as i did a run last week and hadnt eaten since lunch time i felt quite weak,which i think impacted on my run, so made a point today of having a banana, packet of twigglets and a highlight hot choc mid afternoon which i believe gave me the umph to get going, of course the other reason maybe i am getting fitter! that was along sentence hope no ones checking my grammer or spelling on here:)

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Spelling and grammar checked! :o) well done for going and I sense that u perhaps enjoyed it a little?! U must feel very satisfied with what u have achieved so far. I definately think snack in the afternoon helped me the other day despite only being at week 2.


I, too, did Week 5 Run 1 today. Was a lovely afternoon for it. Apart from the first 5 min run (which is uphill) I found it not too bad at all. Looking forward (?) to Week 5 Run 2 on Thursday.


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