Couch to 5K

I did it!!

I ran 8miles. woohoo. Ive been working my way through a Bupa beginners 10mile plan & I just ran 8 miles. this is the most I have even run. it has taken me 2 weeks to do week 10 as I have just started running outside aswell & to be honest I hadnt quite got my head round this run & was putting it off.

treadmill set at a gentle 5.7mph, upping it near the end a little, with an incline of 1 or 2 & it took me 1hr 24mins & 3seconds before that magic 8mile marker came up.

I am very red faced now :) & once I got to 5miles my running demons were shouting "you can do this" & I settled into a nice rythm.

got 90mins at the end of week 11, finishing week 12 with 10miles. that should coincide nicely with the anniversary of me starting c25k last year.

I am so glad I found this program.

my feel good hormones have kicked in :) off to have something nice to eat now...

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Wow - Well done!!! Do you feel and look a lot better a year on - Is there much difference. 8 Miles is one hell of an achievement. Congratulations


I had already lost a stone, for me, before I started. I wasnt really overweight, just at the top of the healthy bmi range. people have commented on my skin, but perhaps that is because I sweat so much when I run so pores dont get clogged up. bodywise, everything is moving up & not as wobbly as before :) & bingo wings nearly gone. Im 43 & had 5 children so stomach is never going to be flat, or on show!

moodwise, you can tell if I havent run for a few days as I get very ratty :)

& foodwise, running means I can eat those things that give you middle-age spread without the spread. X


That's fantastic wow!! Such a brilliant achievement, thanks for posting as it's encouraging me to continue to not just 5K in 30 mins but to doing 10K as well.

Excellent! :)


Well done you. That it what I want to do - eat what I want without putting on any weight. I'm hoping to lose some weight off my balloons on my chest he he. They enter a room about 5 minutes before the rest of the body do.


well done 8 miles is a long way you now deserve a rest and a cream cake lol


8 miles, that is more than amazing. 5 children and 8 miles that is way more than amazing. Fitness must bring it's own energy. You are definitely inspiring me to reach new goals. Well done :)


slept really well last night :)


wow, wow wow, 8 miles is fantastic! Well done you :)


Well done Shelley! I will have to look up the Buppa programme. 8 miles was the most I got up to last year, but found a good bit of knee pain came along with the extra miles - nothing major but the fact that it lingered for a few days put me off.

I've been off/on for a while now with illness and injury so was interested in finiding a programme with more miles in it to get me back to it once I get the OK.

Oh yeah, I think I gave myself a clap and a whoop when I finished my first 8 mile run...I dfidn't care who was looking it felt amazing!


I am doing this plan

but Bupa has loads of beginner & intermediate for different distances. beginner is 3 times a week & intermediate is 4 I think.

CaroleC was/is doing the intermediate plan but, as she has already done the 10miles & hurt her ankle & now has to rest up, I was very aware of over-doing it.

back of my right knee is sooooo tight & knotted today. I put more emphasis on stretching my left leg as this is the one that plays up sometimes, so will have to make sure I stretch equally next time.

got wk6,r1 of c25k with my girls tonight so hopefully it will feel better for that.


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