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Week 4 run1

I have to admit I really didn't think I could do this today... But I did it. I was smiling like something demented when I finished. On one of the 5 min runs I met a 'proper' runner coming from the opposite direction and he smiled and said hello. Perhaps he felt sorry for the fat bird trying to look like a runner!

Such a good feeling to have come this far.

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:) well done you. The encouragement of other runners and a friendly wave, nod of the head etc makes you feel like you are in the club. Keep up the good work!! :) :)


I'm at the same stage as you - run 2 tomorrow - and also didn't think I would be able to run for five minutes. Its an amazing feeling when you manage it and know that actually you can!


Perhaps that 'proper' runner is a C25K graduate, you just might be in the same position as him later this year passing some huffing puffing newbie :) Keep going, you are doing so well, and keep on smiling.


Well done your doing realy well. im only on wk1 r2 which i did today which was a bit easier that the 1st but in way i carnt wait to get to wk4 and see the improvment.


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