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New to the site, currently on week 4 run1

So at the start of the year i tried to do this program but only did the first run before giving up with the usual excuses.

But at the start of September I decided to try again after successfully giving up smoking :D.

I am currently on week 4 run 1 and it was tough really tough as for most of the 5mins runs it was up hill so. Also i have on a really heavy jumper on and it turned out to be a really warm day.

On week 3 i felt like i wasn't running as much as i was the first but I felt like i went a good distance this time. Been off of work for the last fortnight so I am dreading going back and trying to find the time to do the runs before work.

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WELCOME! :-) X-smoker here as well. This program will give you something to concentrate on and both challenges will better your health! I went from not running some 1 minutes to now being in graduation week. YOU CAN DO THIS! Wishing you well and always know there is someone here to offer advice and support!


well done, you're in the zone now, running will have its hooks in you and won't let go.

Soon getting up at the crack of dawn to fit a run in will seem normal


And another ex-smoker here too. If you can give up the nicotine then you're easily capable of this programme. Good luck with the remainder of week 4.


I've done W4R1 today also. I was feeling nervous, but actually loved it. In a way it seemed easier than all the stop start running of the previous week.


Congratulations and well done on kicking the smoking habit, angelinably!! Along with that, Welcome to running!! You are already into W4 and you are doing great!! Keep it up and Keep Running!!


Well done on kicking smoking! Good luck with this program. You can do it!


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