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Diary of a Fat Bloke Running - Week 4 Run1

Having promised myself that I would only write a blog after each week is completed, I have yet again let myself down....but I really need to tell you guys how this run went.

Now I am doing this programme using an app on my phone, rather than Laura's podcasts. Incidentally it took me 3 weeks to find out who this Laura person was! Anyway, my programme seems a little more incremental, and therefore instead of going straight into 5 mins runs, W4d1 has two 4 minute runs, and for the first time in the whole process I found myself counting!!

Now I was going to rest an extra day and do the run tomorrow, but life got in the way a little, so was going to go Monday.... However when I got up this morning, my body seemed to have made a recovery of Lazarus proportions, my last run was on Thursday, so grabbed my gear and trotted off.

Mistake one: I ate a very large banana before going, I normally run on an empty stomach, and found this very hard with my tummy gurgling.

Mistake B: toooooo fast to start with, I started like mo farah on the last lap, and finished shuffling like a goth teenager.

Mistake iii: I chose to run my normal route, which is a five minute walk to the local rec, then laps of the cricket field, my feet were so wet and soggy they are still squelching without any shoes and socks on!

All along the process I have been building an anchor NLP style, so every time I complete a run I have been anchoring that feeling, I've not had to use it, until today, and I can't describe how much that helped me to get through the last two runs.... I've tried NLP in the past, but not with great success, but the power of all those winning feelings are available to me, and I know that I can use them to get me through the next few runs, cos I'm gonna need them!

Lastly, I used to love conkers as a kid! Now they are a menace! Oh and what's with all the slugs? I've never seen so many as today!

See you at the finish line....

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Great post. Love the mistake one, B and iii .. will steal that idea for my next work report if that's ok! Like you, I find running with with empty stomach much easier, so my morning runs are definitely the best ones.


great commentary. I run either as soon as I get up or two hours after breakfast but i find the no food option better. My biggest challenge the last few days has been those fallen conkers and the rather aggressive dray of squirrels who show no fear and have stared me down so many times I now run around them instead of through them. Mind you I get revenge after my run my taking my westie to the park and he soon shows those pesky vermin who's boss.


Hey Sedge, I've had the soggy shoe experience too - I changed my route as it's horrible!! My husband and I have both graduated (he graduated ages ago, I graduated this week). Since starting the programme he has lost almost 1.5 stone and I am 1lb away from having lost a stone so keep fine tuning your runs and you'll start to feel a million dollars :-)


Thanks for the reply guys! I am chuffed with my achievement so far as I am a big guy (19st 8lb) but I am 6ft 2".... Got a loooong way to go though...


Welcome to week 4 Sedge!!!! I love reading your blogs, we all need humor in this journey! :-)


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