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Finished W1 R3 but no aches or soreness.

I'm new to running and need some advice. To warm up I just follow Lauras' instructions of a brisk walk and then a walk at the end of the podcast. However I think because I am running so slowly i'm not feeling any post exercise aches or anything the next day. I know it's better to not have injuries, but surely i'd feel something? When I do try to run faster I find it very hard. I guess that's all part of running though.

Should I just try to run faster? Or try to run up roads?

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I'd stick to what's comfortable for you. If you're running slowly it doesn't really matter. The pace steps up as the weeks go by anyway. I run very slowly - not much faster than a brisk walk really - but I reckon I'll get used to running for longer and longer periods of time and then I can consider upping the tempo a little when I'm used to running. I'm more than happy to keep a slow jog going rather than trying to kill myself immediately. I'd just give up if I did that. This way I maintain a comfortable pace for me throughout the running times given on each podcast..


I think half the battle of the first few weeks is figuring that stuff out, its so personal to you strengths, terrain etc.

You really just have to give it a go and see what happens. The worst that will happen is you'll get tired and red faced :-D. But you will have learnt something about your pace.

Nothing wrong with not being sore though, honestly some people ;-). 8-)


Great that you're not feeling any aches so far - you might find you have a few niggles when the time ramps up over the next few weeks though, so be mentally prepared for that, and make sure you stretch after each run (it's a good habit to get into and a nice treat even if you feel you don't really need it yet!)


Don't worry, the aches and pains will come soon enough when you get a few weeks further :) About week 4 in my case!

Just keep doing as you are and up the pace towards the end of the run if you feel comfortable.


I've always found that if I stretch really well following each run (quads, hams and calves minimum) holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds then I don't really ache too much if at all the next day. If I don't stretch then I feel it! You can maybe try upping the pace a little bit if you feel comfortable doing so - I tend to run around 9kph, any slower and my calves hurt (which is odd) and working back up to hopefully 12kph in a few months. I think its just about working out what works best for you and your body - we're all different and that is the beauty of running - you run how you feel happiest :-) Don't worry about not hurting though.... my aim is to never hurt and if I do I slap myself for not stretching out at the end enough :-)


Thanks for responses. Did my Wk2 R3 today. Tried to run a bit longer at the end. I think i'm just very unfit so that's why i'm running so slowly. AmandaW I hear that people who are fitter find it harder to run slowly. Well lets see how I go next week. Good luck all.


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