Couch to 5K

First outdoor run !

Yesterday, I completed W3R3 on the treadmill, plus an extra km just to see if I could. Quite by chance I found out that there is a free Women in Motion beginners/improvers running class locally on a Saturday morning so I thought I'd give it a go today. Apart from the coach (another Laura!!) I was the only person who turned up. Neither of our phones were picking up decent signals so we couldn't record the run properly but I think it was about 3miles, alternating running and brisk walking. It was almost all either uphill or downhill and was certainly a lot tougher than on the treadmill, not helped by my stuffy sinuses. It was a lovely route though, through a nature park I hadn't known existed ! I managed to not stop any of the running bits early so was very pleased with myself. I spent more time running than I would have done on the week three runs so I think I'm probably ready for week 4 (starts tomorrow!)

I've decided to do this run every week, as an addition to the three C25K runs on the treadmill. I'm also going to experiment with the treadmill programs to incorporate some inclines and make it a bit tougher. Having a bit of a breather now before heading off to the gym for some strength/resistance training.......

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you really are giving it everything :) I'm eating chocolate on my rest days and you are heading off for more running or the gym! Huge respect :)


hmmmmmm chocolate :)


did you manage to talk & run? it sounds like this will be a lovely addition to your running. lets hope more of you turn up next week.


HeeHee ! I could just about talk and didn't even try on the 2 1/2 minute uphill bit. Just got back from the gym and I'm starving but luckily my calorie counter tells me I've burned more than enough calories to not feel guilty about having a small pizza :-)


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