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running in the rain

I had such great plans for today.. today is wk8r2 and i had planned on running a 6k road route involving some hills to break my routine on a local running track.. podcast today is 38mins long so should take me most of the way and plan is to walk the reat. But it's raining!! and very dull. 1 mile of the run is on a busy main road so i,m a bit aprehensive, i have a high vis vest so will wear that, but part of me is thinking it's a bit risky, but i dont know if that's my lazy devil on my shoulder talking or if its better not to. oh i dont know, maybe i'll wait a while to see if it brightens up a bit.. what oh what to do??

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You could always do the running track instead and postpone your plans until its nicer?


Debradwfc, yeah i guess i could, i dont mind getting wet at all, its a safety issue really, and yet im sure i probably wouldnt get run over ha ha but then if i did people would say i was mad to go out on a day like this. ah i really was geared up for it today. and am working all weekend so wont have another chance until tues.. am sitting here on my laptop looking out the window and it seems to be getting heavier.Typical irish weather!!


Looks like it might be raining for a while, but it depends whereabouts you live in Ireland! If you go to you can estimate when there might be a suitable gap.

Otherwise as Debra suggests, if you don't feel confident enough to run on the road (high viz vest is defo a good idea) then head back to the track - at least you will get your run in and know it's safe there, and save your planned run for a better day. And you will have got your run in for today. :)


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