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I've got up to running outdoors for 25 minutes but have to stop (reluctantly) I find that each time I run, i end up with a very bad headache that sometimes last for two days. As per your suggestions, have tried rehydrating, eating bananas and etc but nothing seems to have worked. If I run in the evening- I seem to get a headache in the night and then am laid up for the next day. If I run in the morning, then by afternoon I have a dreadful headache.

I think it may be because i scrunch my shoulders while running and now have a stiff shoulder and neck. Going to give it a rest for a week or two and then start again taking it slowly if the headaches stop for the week.

It is very frustrating but I can't think of anything else that might help. The headaches have started once i began to run for 10 at a stretch.

Having 'googled' this i find the headaches seem to be a recognised side effect of running and exercising. Maybe its my brain coping strategy to this new fitness regime. I will keep you posted re the status of my headaches but signing off running for the next week or two.

Boo hooo!

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Might be worth a massage or two as well. Even if it doesn't help its nice!


Can't offer any advice but that's strange because I get that too, but only when I've been running outside, as I usually run on the treadmill. I've only run outside twice, both times this week. The first time I had a bad headache which started in the afternoon (I run in the morning), but not only that my cheeks started burning, not the usual tomato look I get after a run, but like when I have a temperature, I thought I was coming down with something, but a few hours later both the headache and hot cheeks subsided.

The next time, Wednesday, it happened again, but to a lesser extent this time, with burning cheeks and a headache. Again was ok by the evening.

It's not dehydration as I make sure I drink both beforehand and afterwards and also, it doesn't happen when I run on the treadmill - maybe we're just allergic to fresh air!!


If it is that consistent might be worth a quick chat with the doc as well?


i would recommend a trip to the drs too as there may be an underyling problem and he/she can prob give you better advice than us lot. good luck hope to see you back soon


How long are you cooling out for? I have suffered from this for a while now and found a couple helpful things. 1)Drink lots and lots of water BEFORE your run. 2)Wear a hat or headband to cover your ears. 3)Give yourself a long coolout. I usually stay in the park for the 5 min cool down walk with Laura, then walk another 5 min to the store and pick up a few things, then another 5-10 min home at a slower and slower pace. By the time I get home, I am usually dry. I found when I come home straight after the 5 min cool down I will get a headache - bad one like you mentioned - and I think it's because my body is still very warm and blood pressure up. Dunno if this will work for you but it has changed my life!


Sorry to hear you have to give it a rest for a while but I can certainly see why, I think your doc may be able to help and also massage and relaxation (if you get a chance\\)!! I had a niggly headache all the way through todays run and it nearly made me give up but It hasn't lasted so glad I carried on. Hope you sort it out, it's frustrating when you're enjoying it and something stops you :( All the best xxx


Thanks guys! I am keeping this quiet form my husband but going to take all precautions and do a run this evening. I am missing it too much (can't understand this new love!) I've booked on for a back and shoulder massage and going to see the doctor next week. so fingers crossed xxxxx


one week down- i've haven't run for a week (done lots of long 12 mile walks over the weekend instead) and you know what? NO HEADACHES! No neck ache so perhaps it was my body's way of asking for a break from all the punishment at the gym and with running. Will now try again tomorrow and see how it goes. But will be repeating week 7 again to get back into the running! xx


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