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Feeling Nervous

haven't started my couch to 5k yet - been waiting for my running shoes to arrive but I am feeling a bit apprehensive about starting. A few of my friends started this programme and they have all been injured by week 3 and have had to give up. I have never ran before and have never really enjoyed any form of exercise although I would not consider myself to be a total couch potato - can anyone give me advice on how to avoid injury????? I was considering only running twice a week until my fitness level increases and by the way I'm 51 soon so not exactly a young chick.

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hi. I dont think that age should get in the way of c25k, unless you have any other problems, weight, breathing etc.

you said you had new running shoes on the way. have you had a gait/running analysis? this is where you get filmed running on a treadmill. perhaps your friends injuries were down to the wrong trainers ~ the right trainers really do make a difference.

if you feel that you only want to run twice a week I can see no problem with that. as long as you do the 3 runs before you move on to the next week then you should be fine.

dont worry about starting. you will be fine :) take it easy & try not to run too fast.

good luck. keep up posted on how you are getting on. theres a lot of support here :)


Please don't be apprehensive just get out there and get some fresh air into your lungs. This dry weather makes all the difference also. I promise you after your first run you will come back home feeling fantastic!!!


As Shelley says good running shoes are important to prevent injury. Just take your time and see how it goes no need to be nervous honestly!


I agree with the above. I will be 50 this year and will be starting week 4 on Friday - just remember you don't have to rush, just ease yourself into it and don't try to run to fast. Once you start you will love it I promise!


Listen to the advice everyones giving you I'm 54 and started this last week. I was never one for execise a real couch potato but this is made so easy for you with Laura and this forum for support.Just take it easy and don't try to go to fast. Any aches and pains I've suffered tend to disappear quickly and so far I haven't had to miss a run (I know Im only at Wk2 R2 tomorrow) but this is a biggy for me so go for it!!!


Like everyone says, don't try to go fast, take your time so you don't get exhausted. I feel absolutely stupid plodding along, but then feel really pleased with myself for running for a whole minute. Finished week one and feeling a little bit better.


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