Couch to 5K

W3r3 done in one go!

Oh how I procrastinated. First of all hubby announced he was going in to work later Than usual so my vision of an early morning secret run faded rapidly, my red face on return would be an immediate giveaway. Then Poppy had a wash and brush up at the groomers this morning, she came back like a different dog with much less hair. She could actually see from under her eyebrows and I could tell she had real toes, not just balls of fluff. It seemed a shame to take her out to get muddy so soon, perhaps I needed another day to recover from my 'bug', perhaps I should be doing something else with the time? As soon as I had picked up the lead and dithered about whether to hang it up again Poppy was not to be deterred. She's a C25k dog and on a mission to get herself and me fit.

Once I'd laced up my shoes, had a quick drink of water and switched on Laura it was as if we'd never taken a break. The ground was dry, the sun shining through the clouds and WE DID IT! All of week 3 runs completed. This one was quite comfortable and I'm wondering what week 4 will bring. Thanks for all the encouragement to keep going.

Following the suggestion of another blogger I grabbed a healthy small bowl of cereal to control the munchies when we got back but I wasn't sure whether to have the piece of chocolate before or after?

Poppy's full of bounce and must be a couple of pounds lighter after her trim, wish a hair cut would make me lose a couple of stone. Think I might have to face the challenge and get the diet sorted, there's been some inspiring blogs on here to follow.

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:) choc after it's an incentive to get home. Wk 3 done, very cool, and still a secret :)


Well done! I love that your dog is getting fitter too :D I say eat chocolate whenever you like although personally I keep it for when I get back as a small reward.

"They" say diet is 80% of weight loss and exercise is 20%. I like to try eat healthy most of the time but if I do fancy something indulgent then at least I'm exercising to cancel it out! Plus exercise can actually be enjoyable (who knew).

Wishing you well for week 4, you can do it :D


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