As Delboy said to Rodney when having a baby for the first time................................I've only gone and done it!!!!!

I said I would let all the well wishers that responded to my last blog know once I had completed Week 9 run 3, well that time has come!!! This morning will mark a special occasion and milestone in my life as a success, as I have just completed the 9 week program only having repeated one run (on week 8 run 2) for the extra practice of running for longer as I only managed 18 minutes because I went out too fast!!!

I started this program touching 23 stone, never completing any exercise since my school days. And with me now touching 43 years, I now touch 17stone 10 (officially weighed by the Wiifit + at 06:15gmt!)).

I am able to jog now for 40 minutes covering 5.2km (officially timed by my pedometer at 05:50 gmt! this morning).

If you have never seen a fat bloke cry, then you should have been there this morning!!! I do not know whether it was my sense of relief, my legs burning all the lactic acid up through my calves or my new trainers that caused this emotion? However I have decided now that I am going to continue jogging and step up to the next challenge of jogging for real!!! I don't think I need St Johns Ambulance behind me anymore! Just a cohort of paramedics with a stretcher now will suffice!!!

I decided last week that this is not going to be the end of my waddling career as I am going to try to complete a 10k program by July 2012 once I am really comfortable for running 40minutes with ease.........if my body stands it that is!! I wish to lose another 4-5stone by doing this 10k plan and hopefully by then, the experience will become lighter for me when waddling.

It was extremely motivational listening to Laura throughout this process and on some mornings I couldn't wait for her to say "you have 1 minute left now, go for it" and other mornings I wanted to tell her to deposit her podcast where the sun didn't shine!!

For all you self conscious, disbelievers or unmotivated or new joggers out there about to complete this podcast or even if you are half way through.............believe me if i can do this in 9 weeks, you definitely can! Just keep focused do as the "great almighty one" tells you and you will do it, I promise.

It only remains for me to say and wish you all good luck with your waddling / jogging / running experiences, stay injury free and in the words of the great almighty one herself "don't go too fast and bye for now"!


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23 Replies

  • Good on ya! You are inspiring me already! And you are right Laura is wonderful ! My favorite words are have just one minute left ! I am on week 4r2 on Monday so still have a long way to go but I am enjoying it :) Let us know how you go with moving up to 10k !

  • Wow, what a fantastic achievement! Respect!

  • 'Fat bloke crying' brought a tear to my eye, you must be so proud of yourself. What an achievement, you will be a true inspiration to anyone reading these blogs and teetering on the edge of indecision about taking up the challenge. Congratulations. Hip hip hooray. Keep on running. :)

  • Fantastic blog post - What an amazing achievement finishing the 9 weeks and congratulations on the weightloss. Really Inspirational - Good for you ;-)

  • Fantastic blog post - What an amazing achievement finishing the 9 weeks and congratulations on the weightloss. Really Inspirational - Good for you ;-)

  • Your post really touched me, what an inspiring story, well done! :)

    Laura's words which keep me going are 'it's just a light jog'....

    Congrats to you :)

  • I think you might make us all cry!

    What an awesome story, inspirational.

    You da man!

  • As delboy would say 'lovely jubbly' :) please accept a virtual hug from a stranger thats one heck of an achievement and I am delighted for you, a (notso) fat bloke crying this morning, brought tears to my eyes. Good luck with your next challenge of reaching 10 k.

  • Wow! Well done you! I did wk2r2 last night and found it much harder than r1.

    Disappointed I didn't see any improvement from Wednesday's run. But you have inspired me to keep going - am aching all over today but chuffed as the scales tell me I've lost 7lbs since starting the program. I did the wk 1 run till I was comfy moving on. Thank you for the inspiration & keep going

  • Congratulations :) wooooo hoooooo :)

    Very very happy for you , well done, what an inspiration you are :)

  • FANTASTIC. Really well done :-)

  • You are 'seriouslyawesome' !

  • Woooo hoooo!!! Congratulations! Your posts are inspirational! :)

  • congratulations on graduating C25K & wow on the weight loss :)

  • Amazing weightloss and fantastic achievement - I do week 9 Run 1 tomorrow!

    Good luck with the bridge to 10k


  • you are such an inspiration!! well done and thank you so much for sharing your experiences.. well done!!

  • wow not so fatbloke anymore

    top bannana ....

    "he who dares Rodney, he who dares!"


  • Well done! What a great post, all the best

  • Big up to you :) Well done, I admire your determination and your outlook on the whole thing is wonderful, keep it up and let us know how it goes :) x

  • Brilliant! Well done you! :)

  • Fantastic well done

  • Will miss your posts but, hey, WELL DONE on reaching your goal and all the best for reaching your next. Thanks for keeping the rest of us motivated, you're proof that it can be done.

  • Aurevoir beckipeg thanks again for your post and for all your posts to me really, you and the rest of the bloggers kept me going knowing I had the support of you all even after the paramedics were done with me! I was thinking about donating my body to the Olympic team but seb said we have to let the others have a chance mate!

    Take care beckipeg be safe, keep running injury free and in the words of Derek Trotter it is not goodbye, just bonjour! Xx

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