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I'm running week 7 so week 9 not far off, what next?

I'm toying with the bridge to 8k interval running programme. I found a podcast on itunes (where I found this programme) called podrunner interval training bridge to 8k. Does anyone have any advice? I don't have an iphone, and I'm a skinflint so not prepared to pay for anything, apart from good trainers, running is free.

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Jeff Galloway has some free 10k training schedules on his site. I was just looking at them myself. They all consist of a couple of runs of fixed duration during the week, and a longer weekend run building up to a 10k, but dropping the distance for a couple of weeks prior to an actual race.

I'm sure that it would be possible to use his suggestions to construct an 8k programme - the wk9 runs coming up look like wk2 of his programme (unless you are pretty fast), and his wk7 ends with a 5m run, which is 8k in old money I think?


Cool thanks


I have the facebook B210K podcasts on my computer & am happy to email them if you message me with your email address. this builds up to an hours running which should take you over the 5mile mark.

I am currently on wk10 of a 10mile Bupa training plan. they have lots of training plans, some aimed at beginners, some for more experienced runners. I think the beginner plans are 3runs a week & the experienced 4runs a week. Im using the beginner plan! but there is no podcast for this. you just need a stopwatch.


I've found I really enjoy running to music, I don't know how technically difficult it is going to be to make my own music sets for future runs but I'd like to give it a go. I'd never even listened to music on my phone before, it's a bit basic and I don't think there is much memory. Maybe I will be pinching DD's ipod! So then I just need to find a way to signal the intervals, which I guess I can do by changing the tempo of the tracks when warm-up finishes and so on.


Its difficult to say really, it depends on your own motivation so do whatever keeps you enjoying it is probably the golden rule.

As I said somewhere else I just took a few weeks running week 9 and just had some fun with my new found superpowers;-)

Some people need the challenge if the next programme, but to me that seems to delay the inevitable questions about why do you like it? After all you can't go on increasing your distance forever! You seem to like the outdoors runs so how's out a week 9 treat of a pair of off road shoes and do some cross country?

There is some great country side out there.


The other thing you could think of is creating your own music mix using WavePad which is a free download. I'm thinking about using it to splice together some of Laura's shorter runs' soundtracks for my very own Bridge to 10K......


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