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First timer who ran outside - it was lovely!

Finally managed to face a run outside, wk 3 run 2, have been on the treadmill for all the others. I checked the weather forecast and it looked promising, so decided to go for it.

Started off fine, sun shining, birds singing, no people in sight - just what I wanted. What I didn't want was to see anyone I knew, so of course the first people I passed I knew! said hello and kept running! next thing was to pass some workmen - don't even think about it, it told myself, not sure if they commented as Laura was chatting about keeping your head from bobbing up and down! then the podcast stuck and jumped about - well I thought, I'm not stopping so just looked at my watch (it was too bright to see my phone), carried on with a rough go at timings although not sure I was quite on track! I had worked out what was half way on the podcast, so turned round and did the rest of the run and walk back to my car. Just as I got to the last walk, the car park came into sight so must have been about right. I did enjoy being outside, it was far more interesting than running on the treadmill and managed to cope with the ups and downs. Have checked the podcast and it seems to be running ok now, so might have just been my phone jumping about in my pocket. Having faced my nemesis - someone I know, workmen and a group of kids on bikes who just grinned at my sweaty face - I will certainly try it again! not the most elegant runner by a long chalk, but still can't believe I have got to week 3 at all! not thinking about the other weeks yet, as it scares me to death!!!!

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well done jennyn

its brilliant isnt it :) i too went outside today, on my own to do 45mins. only managed 36mins & some of that was walking but so pleased that I finally had the confidence to do it. having the sun out certainly helps. I can run for an hour on the treadmill but outside, thats another story altogether.

congratulations on facing your fears head on :)


Confidence is a funny thing. I think you're all very brave running in the gym!


It is great running outside, especially this time of year as the spring comes. It's amazing what you notice and eventually you will almost forget that you're running! (honest!)

I remember being scared of being seen; but once you've conquered that fear you start to realize that actually you should be proud of what you're doing..and rightly so!! Well done :)


hey welcome to the outdoors :) sounds like you dealt with the hazards ;) I had one of my neighbours shout a jokey encouragement today on my run, it's kinda nice in a weird oh gosh I can be seen! kind of way.

I agree with plodder gym running is brave it would freak me out even now I know I can run


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