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I've just turned 40, am a bit on the chubby side and would like to improve my fitness and my figure.Just done week 2 run 1, it was tough!!!!! But on the positive side no shin splints, have tried to run many times before with various learn to run programmes, but always ended up frustrated having to look at my watch and forgetting which run I'm on or getting bored and doing my own thing - then getting shin splints. I am so slow at running, I'm sure I walk faster, have looked ahead to week 4 gulp! and do not feel that I will be able to manage this in such a short space of time.

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dont worry. I was someone who hadnt run for 25 years other than running after the kids in very very short bursts.

42 when I started & could not run for more than 1min40seconds without feeling as if I was going to pass out. the plan takes you through & you will shortly become amazed at how quickly you recover after each run.

I am currently doing the runs outside with my daughters (im a treadmill runner) & we have all tackled & conquered each run fine, having completed 20mins yesterday. I told my girls it was 20mins about 15mins before we went out. both said that they didnt believe they could do it but they did :)

the podcasts seem to know when you are finding it difficult & give words of encouragement just when needed.

trust laura! :)

if you havent done it yet I would suggest new trainers after a gait/running analysis if possible, to keep those shin splints permanently at bay.

& congratulations on doing week2, run 1.

keep posting ~ lots of encouragement on here X


By run 3 you'll be used to it. The first one of each week is a bit tough, but they get less tough as each week goes by. I'm 48, hadn't done ANY excercise for 30 years. I'm on wk 8 run 2 and wk 9 doesn't worry me at all. Keep going, you'll get there.


Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I'm determined to keep going this time X


I'm on wk2r2 now and although it is a daunting prospect that I will be running 5 minutes at a time soon it's so exciting that in 7 weeks I will be able to run for half hour non stop! That's what's getting me through and I think that's what you should think about if your having a hard run, imagine having the opportunity to go for a great run for an hour at a time without thinking your going to keel over at the end of it!!


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