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In April this year, I did my local Parkrun. It took over an hour and I did wonder if something wasn't right. In July, I had a collapsed lung, which led to lung surgery, which led to a diagnosis of a rare lung disease. My goal is to be able to run 5k within a respectable time so I started the Couch to 5k in October and I am absolutely loving it. I've spent two weeks doing each stage, as there are always 1-2 'bad days', plus by the end of week two I am so bored that I can't wait for the next level! Seems to be going well so far...


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  • Wow well done you! To have gone through what you have & come back fighting says it all😊good luck on your runs & you will smash the next 5k run😊

  • Well done and i hope they have managed to treat and sort the lung disease for you. Happy running.

  • This is good to love running. I am not a doctor but would say that running will expend your lungs and will make you feel better all over and give you a better life. So you are lucky that instead of sitting on the couch you are all keen to go for the next run. Good on you.

  • Agree with all the above. Great respect. Well done you! 😊🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️👏🏻👏🏻

  • Well done. Great to hear that you are loving it! Good luck with the rest of the programme!

  • Well done! Enjoy the programme and keep us posted how you get on.

  • Good to hear you are enjoying the programme. I think there are quite a few of us in this forum who have decided to the programme after experiencing some kind of health problems. I am always impressed with the way people manage to overcome difficulties, and it has helped me to persevere myself. Enjoy the running and let us know how it's going. :-)

  • Good luck - that shows real grit and I'm sure it will be beneficial. Just take it at your own speed and you will get there.

  • Well done! Good to see you back,You've come back nice and quickly, carry on steady & slow building gradually will do you the world of good! My wife's recovering from a chest operation to remove a large thyroid goitre, she is out with me today having a walk around the park, I'll be running!😊

  • Surgically repaired collapsed lung should be final, hopefully ☺ Running will increase your lung power I would have thought. as with everything, go carefully and build up slowly.

    My husband, son and nephew had a history of spontaneous pneumothorax. my nephew had surgery to repair his as he was in the army and they did it as a first resort. my husband fared less well and was only treated after 3 episodes 😑 He had the kaolin repair. He was seriously ill indeed. My son just had his lung reflated and has been fine since. he goes,to, the gym and does a bit of running. My nephew left the army as he was deemed unfit. my husband resumed football and played for years and he ran regularly. He still does the gym and plays walking footy. his consultant advised against racquet sports and golf for life but cos he could do other sports he was happy

    You will have to go steady but that's recommended for everyone embarking on C25k ☺

    Have fun ☺

  • As an ex smoker who finally kicked the habit after many valiant attempts, and many more half-hearted attempts, having started at the age of 9 and puffed for over 40 years, I was sure my lungs wouldn't be able to fuel my runs.

    I did have moments of difficulty with breathing, but I do think that running has improved my diminished lung capacity as I can now run for 30 mins non-stop and don't get too out of breath doing it either. So I would hope that Cto5K should improve your lung strength too :)

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