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Treadmill to the great outdoors?


I am up to Week 3 run 3 and I am really enjoying it and feeling fitter with every run. However, I am doing it on my treadmill due to not really having the confidence to go outside just yet. I get very red and sweaty and worry about looking a fool! I have had 3 kids and am left with a fair few wobbly bits! My aim is to be able to run outside, and listen to music and enjoy the fresh air and what looks like a nice experience (from what I see of other runners outside)

Has anyone else made the move from treadmill to outdoors and does it feel the same as running on a treadmill, what I am worried about is that I am fit enough to run on the treadmill but when I get outside it's harder?

Any advice would be great, or just opinions and experiences :)

Thanks everyone you are all doing great!


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It is tougher, running outside, I think. It's certainly different. The movement is different, and you have uneven surfaces and negociating obsticles to contend with. But it's so much nicer. Take it easy and you'll soon get used to it.

I've never run on a treadmill so I can't offer any pros and cons, however, I love running outside. If it's raining especially! I've also had 3 kids and have plenty of wobbly bits (big bridget jones pants a must) but I don't really care what I look like and after a few minutes am concentrating on breathing, putting one foot in front of the other and watching where I'm running so no space to worry about people and their view of me. Keep it up and why don't you just try a run outside and see how it goes? You can always go back to the treadmill if it's not the right time for you. But give it a go.


Apart from running a race for life all my runs have been along a disused railway line until this morning. I decided it was time for me to brave the country lanes and village pavements, so I donned a bright yellow reflective top (so bright you needed sunglasses) and looking like a belisha beacon off I went. Like you I am self concious but I have to say I was concentrating so much on breathing etc that I did not have time to worry about other people. So my advice is to give it a go - its great :)


hi, i use the treadmill as not confident in running outside as of yet. i have just done wk5 r2. try it u may like it .can always go back to treadmill till u feel confident ;-)


I'm told running outside is slightly harder but as I have never run on a treadmill I can't really compare. I was a couple of stone overweight when I started the plan (I always run in M&S magic pants to keep everything in place and firm!) and have run outside from the start. It is lovely running outside, so many people say hello, other runners and cyclists are friendly rather than dismissive, I have had so many cheery waves and words of encouragement from "proper runners" that you just don't get in a gym.

Try a run outside and see how you feel, to quote Dr Pepper "whats the worse that can happen?"

Good luck and give us an update


Go for it girl :)

I've only ever run on a treadmill for my gait analysis so can't

compare but I live in a lovely part of Scotland (near Loch Lomond)

it would be a shame not to go outside :)

Pick a quiet time and a nice route and get out there :)

If not for you you can ways go back to the gym.

Let us know how you get on, good luck.

Thanks everyone, nice to see some people feel the same as me too! There are some lovely places to run near me too so I am really looking forward to having the confidence to get out and do it, think I will wait until I can run for 30 minutes though! :)

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