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Treadmill Vs Outdoors


So I had to do my run at the gym today because had an IBS flare up last night and did not feel like running. Anyway I don't know if I had it on too low a setting but it was so much easier than my usual run in outdoors. I'm going to assume its because it keeps you at a steady pace as I feel I have a tendency to speed up a bit but did not like it at all. Found myself running in the 5 minute cool down just to fell like I had done something.

So looks like I'm going to be sticking to the park!

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Some of us have had to complete on treadmills for a number of reason, I for one due to one of my medical conditions.

It's not the easiest thing to get used to but the whole point is that your moving more than you did before and by the end you can run for 30 mins. Speed often comes later for a lot of us ( or not at all if today was anything to go by on my run!)

Just keep running wherever is best for you 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


I’m doing mine on the treadmill. I have run a bit outdoors last summer and I find the treadmill easier- even pace, totally flat and no potholes!!

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And no dogs 🐶! 😉


I’m confined to treadmill at the mo because my hip gets too sore during road runs. I find the treadmill gentler as it has more bounce and give than tarmac. Personally I don’t think I go any quicker but I think the road takes more out of you so you tire more quickly.

Well done for running despite the IBS!


I think the incline on the treadmill should be set to 1 degree to mimic normal outdoor terrain. If you had it on zero, that might be why it felt easier. I didn't know that when I first started on a treadmill, and when I switched to outside, I found it much harder. I also find I tend to run faster outdoors than I would on a treadmill. My pace is all over the place when I run!

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I have mine on 2% in the hope that I will be ok with inclines in the future!!


Hi I’m a treadmill person 🤣

I am also an IBS sufferer. I can’t run with the cramps😣


Some find it easier some not... a controlled environment... outdoors not so, weather surface, etc etc...but, for some there is no choice and for some, it is their choice:)

Well done you.. wherever you run:)

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