Couch to 5K

Week 9 Run 2 DISASTER!!

What a disaster, started off too quickly wearing too many layers and for the first time in the whole programme I had to stop :-( so disappointed. I did carry on after i'd removed a layer. I really didn't feell ike I could carry on (this was after 15mins) but with my fabulous husband's encouragement I then ran for another 20 minutes. However in my own mind I still have to properly complete W9r2

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Sounds like it didn't go too badly! week 9 is amazing - you've almost finished!

It's so much warmer now thoguh - I too am having to rethink my running attire.


Don't be too hard on yourself- you still managed 35mins which is fantastic. And everyone has runs which just don't go to plan now and again.

My post c25k list includes being too hot... too cold... too thirsty.... dropped ipod..... shoelace undone..... giant cow with horns stood in road staring at me....


Too many layers, been there, done that. It is tricky to get everything just right. Sounds like you more than made up for it by continuing for 20mins. Hope the next one goes ok and you don't meet up with a giant cow with horns!!! like ribena-berry :O


Don't be too disappointed, just put it down to experience and a bad run and then get on with the next one in 2 day's time. You are so close now - you really can do it.


Oh god I just read the 35 minute bit!!!!!! Well done for doing it, blimey I am now really dreading doing week 9 after last weeks runs were so bad **(

I ran in just my tee shirt last week and that was lovely but you do have to be prepared for any precipitation down these parts!!!! Keep it up love, I'm with you all the way :)


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