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Just got back from w6r3 .It was a little daunting as I started my 5 minute walk . Thinking that i had 25 minutes to run was scary but the thought of it was worse than the actual run . Alot of heavy breathing later I had completed the run and was grining . This program never fails to amaze me . How can someone that cant run 60 seconds one week be running for 25 minutes 6 weeks later. I am really begining to enjoy myself now and am on a high after i finish each run. Stick with the program folks . It really does work . Good luck to everyone

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Ah Yorki50,

Addictive isn't it? I remember crying when Laura told me that I was a "proper runner". Yes, the way the fitness builds is nothing short of miraculous. I couldn't believe it when I was able to do the twenty minutes non-stop.

Keep with the program; then, the Bridge to 10k awaits you!!



Yes, I totally agree, the transformation from 60 seconds to 25 minutes is unbelievable. I did Week 7 Run 1 this morning and can't believe that I have got this far.

Keep Running!



Yes! i can't believe that I;m running as well. I've just completed week 6 -2nd run and have the 25 mins running on Sunday. Scared about it but know that if i can do 20 mins then another 5 shouldn't be too hard to complete.

Good to know that I'm not alone in this journey and that others are on the same path!

well done all yorki50!!


Congratulations Yorki! Your a real runner now!

I just did this run today Yorki and I'm just in shock.

I ran for 25 mins and it felt really good! My body actually likes running!

I too am amazed at the programme, and how our bodies are such wonderful machines that just keep getting better when we push them!


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