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Forgot to mention....I got a reward!!

Finally made it through Week 9 run 3, which is elating enough in itself...but as I was running along the road, I found a tenner in the street!! I was very honest and jogged about on the spot for a while looking for somebody who might have dropped it (looking no doubt like a complete nutter, and a rather blotchy one at that), but there wasn't a soul in sight. So I kept it. Maybe the Spirit of Laura was smiling on me as I pushed on through the pain!

Please, all you C25K-ers KEEP AT IT!! It feels so tough at times, and there were a couple of days when I really met my Nemesis and almost packed it in, notably in weeks 7 and 8, when I had a kind of confidence meltdown, but it CAN be done. I have never run anywhere before now, it feels GREAT, and I would never have thought it possible. It also has a strange effect of making you feel confident in other areas of life too. Forget about the bad days if you can and keep moving forward, it's worth it. (My jeans feel quite a bit looser too, which is v encouraging!). Hang in there, and THANK YOU LAURA! x

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Ah well done hun! So pleased for you - you deserve that tenner! x


Congratulations on completing the programme!


Wow, congratulations!!


Maybe this is a new part of the government get fit drive? They secretly keep an eye on your blog and when you get to W9R3 give you a cash tax rebate!

Congrats on the first 9 weeks of your running career.

What run are you doing next?


Well done CathCakes!

Keep Running!



So funny and so impressive! I am struggling and didn't do my run today (week8 run 3) but will be on it again tomorrow as you have spurred me on!! Well done you, and I hop you spent the tenner wisely ;) xx


ooops meant hope!! my "E" keeps sticking!!!


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