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w7r2 & technical problems

After the vote last night I did the run with a hill (well long slight incline that feels like a mountain) and achieved it but legs were very heavy today and now sore! Just pleased to have finished it. Just as well i'm not due to run again until Sunday the rest should do me good. Have to say I'm beginning to love this!

Another nightmare with the podcast after Laura telling me I'd completed 5 mins it just stopped. Thankfully, Paul, John, George and Ringo got me round the last 20 minutes but was really hard to keep looking at my watch. Had to keep telling myself go for another 2 / 3 songs and then check. Not sure what to do before the next runs...any tips to sort this out?

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Try deleting it and putting it on again.

I found my first run without Laura quite tricky. I did the whole thing to the Fratellis. When I got home I decided to put a file together of T. Rex (showing my age) tracks that would add up to about 40mins. I knew I would have to start running halfway through track two and stop running when I got to halfway through 'Dandy in the Underworld'. It was great, nostalgia and fitness. I think I am going to work through my whole music collection putting tracks into 40 minute bundles. Some I've not listened to for years, it should be entertaining.


Will try deleting and the down load again. I can't wait to make my own playlists.


Well done on conquering the hill! What an acheivement! I never want to leave Laura x


Ooh playlist idea when I graduate sounds good for me too

Feel a bit guilty about my hill vote considering your feeling it...


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