How old are you?

Anyone else watched the TV show, 'How to stay young' ? It's v interesting and this is a link to see what estimated physical age you are... If you are prone to worry about these things don't do it!! It made me realise my sinful past still has an impact on my longevity ... I came out as 39 and I am 45. However this is with loads of changes I have made to compensate for the crap stuff!!!

Im posting on all forums so apologies if you see this 3 times!!!

Any thoughts or observations? 

Happy panthering



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49 Replies

  • Hi JuJu yes I watched the programme and found it interesting. Just done the test, I'm 55 and physical age is 47 😊 I'm happy with that considering all the rubbish I've eaten and the drinking over the years! It's thanks to running that I now consider what goes into my body and the effects it may have. X 😊

  • I'm 44, got 35 as my physical age. If only my facial age was that too lol! Went back and answered it with my honest guestimated answers for what I would have put last year and got 48. I know it's a simple online test but I would like to think that my efforts have made a difference. If so, 9 months effort for 13 years of physical health seems a good incentive to keep it up :)

  • I'm 37 and came out as 42. Would have been a lot worse if I had done the test this time last year.

  • That's what I mean- please take it with a pinch of salt. My husband is very fit, he's 50 and came out as 52. However I think it's useful to help us improve on the things we can...

  • There are certain things that I can't change... I react very badly to stress and I love red meat! There's no way I am cutting beef and lamb out of my diet for the sake of a few more years at the end!

  • Love that, I was honest about the wine too.... :) I may cut down..but I don't want to cut out :)

  • Hi JJ, yes saw the programme, on the test, I am 52 and got 43, quite pleased with that.  I tried the 'sit down, stand up' test too, not quite so successful! Gave the family a laugh though 😄.  One to work on!

    A lot of food for thought - especially thinking about how much of our food is processed


  • I can sit down but struggled to stand up- ,my son did it no probs!! I'm looking forward to the next one about our brain... 💀

  • I must do that one. Didn't someone post a great video of a trainer talking about how his motivation wasn't people getting faster or winning but being able to get off the toilet unassisted in older age which would mean they could live independently? That struck home. (It was probably Rignold with his squat obsession who posted it)

    I came in at 49 when I am 53... probably because I ate all my overcatering at Christmas during Jan and Feb and still haven't quite got rid of the resulting extra blubber (less than a kilo over)

    Some of the categories seemed a bit broad - 1 to 14 units of alcohol for example. I typically have 1 unit (and I do mean 1 unit because I use a small glass) of red wine once a fortnight... but I don't 'never drink alcohol'.

    Putting in the ages your biological parents and grandparents died might be interesting... first rule of health, choose your ancestors wisely!

  • I agree it's fairly limiting as there are so many other things to take into account!!

  • I came out around 5 years younger than I am, so it gives me a boost I am doing something right but also a pointer in the right direction for improvement. I love quizzes so thanks for posting! I agree take with a pinch of salt though, for instance I have much more muscle & am much more toned than when I had the same weight before. Bmi is not a perfect indicator of health & wellbeing for one example 

  • Exactly but the programme is worth a watch....

  • Yes I like trust me I'm a doctor so I ought to give this a view, thanks for the tip x

  • The one I know has four tests:

    1.) Height to waist circumference.

    2.) Stand up/sit down from ground.

    3.) Plank.

    4.) Stand on one leg.

    So your waist measurement should be half your height or less.

    You should be able to stand up/sit down on the floor without using hands or going to knees.

    You should be able to plank for 2 minutes (!) Less than 30 seconds is a real warning sign.

    You should be able to stand on either leg for 10-20 seconds without wobbling. More than 20 and you're golden. Less than 10 is a concern.

  • They mention this on the programme... I'm going to do this test, just because I love tests!!! Goes back to all the years of filling in the quizzes in cosmopolitan mag at fashion school!!!

  • Thanks (I think) for posting this link, JJ. I watched the programme with my husband who's a confirmed carnivore. We were sufficiently shocked that we decided to stop eating meat 3 days a week. I'm 57 but came out as 64!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 However, a few minor tweaks in lifestyle could get it down to 51 (mostly introducing a regular fast day and making sure we have our 5 a day every day) Gotta be worth a shot. Thanks again for posting this -food for thought indeed! X

  • Doesn't Angela Rippon look amazing for her age? I'm really looking forward to the next one...

  • She looks fabulous!! Can't believe she had so much visceral fat though -scary. Makes you wonder if we should all be taking innulin supplements.

  • I'm 55 and came out at 44, which I was pleased with. Would have been a bit different a year ago (weight wise) and even worse 2 years ago (weight and exercise). Still a long way to go - working on the standing up bit. Waist measurements not optimal either - but hey, need something to work towards. 

  • I'm 39 and came out at 29. Amazed at that. The only question I slightly cheated on was alcohol. I'm not teetotal, but drink moderately perhaps once a month.

  • Real age: 48

    Test age: 41

    I need to exercise more, eat more fruit and veg and cut down on my red meat. Sounds familiar...

  • But a bit of what you fancy does you good...

  • I'm 42 & came out as 37 which surprised the heck outa me as I'm not the model of virtue when it comes to diet & exercise but perhaps the bits in my favour were the never smoked & 1-14 units of alcohol. As per one of the previous posts you're lucky if I have more than a glass of wine a fortnight but I couldn't put no alcohol down. 😀

  • I'm 33. It came back as 33. Could be worse, I guess.

  • You are young to start with!!!

  • My age 51, body age 55.  Funnily, since I started running my body feels 10 years better than it did before.  Don't you just HATE questionnaires!!!

  • Sorry!!! Take it with a pinch of salt, there is so much more to factor in....

  • It put 10 years one me - Pah !

    All those years of heavy smoking didnt do me any favours at all :-( xxx

  • It's just a few pointers... Don't take it to heart... 

  • Yep, Pops it put years on hubby and me from all that smoking in out teens and twenties. Without that I'd be well under my chronological age. Oh well, just means we have to work that bit harder with other lifestyle factors to work round it. Xx

  • I'm not sure we should be putting too much store in a lifestyle questionnaire tbh.

  • I think we are all sensible enough not to as it's just a few random questions but the programme is good don't you think??

  • I don't watch TV. It is the secret to my youth.

  • I should have guessed that shouldn't I?!!

  • Hahahaha

  • I like that questionnaire, I'm 51 and came out as 39. Happy days. I must be doing something right, but definitely can't stand up/sit down on floor, and need to get fitter. Would have been much worse last year. 

  • I'm sure there are a few others I see regularly. being able to long jump your own height from a standing start is one of them.

  • Are you allowed a run up? 

  • A run up to a standing start?

    Yes. As long as you stop and wait for a bit in between.

  • Hi Juju, I haven't seen the tv show, I still took the quiz though :) I'm 24 and came out with a body age of 19, I find this funny since not long ago I took a mental age test to see how old you are mentally and came out the total opposite in the quiz you posted I came out younger (on the body age quiz) but on the other quiz (the mental age quiz) I came out with an age of around 48 both took after my 24th birthday, I put the result down to me being an old soul,

    Before seeing your post I never thought about seeing how old my body is and I'm pleasently surprised at how well I'm doing with the exercise and eating healthy each day :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Hi Siobhan, how are you and how's your knee?

  • I think i'm dead. My age is 63 but  my body age is 97 !!!!

    Yes i have always drunk to excess. Yes i used to smoke. I have never considered myself to be overweight so i have never dieted and eat what i want when i want.  I eat red meat, processed food, fruit, vegetables anything i choose to eat or is offered. I'm not keen on sweets or cakes which wasn't a question asked. I am usually stressed which  adds to the score. At 5' 10" my weight has never exceeded 11st so i have never had any need to diet or perhaps to be more selective with what i eat.   Oh well may as run to the funeral directors and get measured up while i am still breathing, especially as there are several pubs on the way.

  • Im 57 and it came up with 73. Not sure what I said to upset it. I'd take it with a pinch of salt, but if it found I was eating pinches of salt it'd probably add another 10 years on.

  • you sound pretty healthy to me. Just goes to show that its a pretty crap guage it is!! you are thin... I am the same weight as you and I am 5 foot 8!!!

  • Thank you soooooooooooo much...just had my 66th Birthday ..did this.. and came out as 46 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you x

    Just read your reply below.. please may I ignore the 'take with a pinch of salt'...just because it is my birthday week?

    Seriously the running has been enormously motivating and much leaner and tauter somehow and more vital!  Add to that the fact that I have a husband with type 2 diabetes, a daughter who is Coeliac, and a history of heart disease in my paternal family.. I feel very aware of what we eat, drink and how we live our lives.

    But, this has really cheered me, as on my actual birthday I was feeling a tad old!!!! :)

  • I'm 54 and got 45 although they didn't at any point ask if you had any underlying existing medical issues which might increase your risk of heart disease/stroke which might make a difference in the wrong direction !

  • I liked the show.. less the questionnaire..  ( probably cos i came out an an older fart than I actually am)

  • someone I know is 43 and he got 65!!!!

  • It DOES depend on the relative weight they give to different factors.. I guess..

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