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First park run.☺

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I didn't sleep too well last night. Too much coffee? Anxiety? Who knows, anyway after staying awake till 5 am I finally fell asleep and almost slept in!! I got up at 8.30 for a 9 am park run! I had planned on walking along for a nice warm up, but hubby took me along in the car, so I got a 5 min warm up walking the last wee bit. The atmosphere was amazing. There were hundreds of runners. I stayed near the back because I knew I would be slow. The route is two loops , once round the first loop and three times round the second one. I had only just started the second loop when I was being overtaken! !. The marshal at the back was a lovely man in a wheelchair, and I was really proud that I managed to chat to him while I was right at the back. I overtook another lady and ran on. It was a lovely day, I knew I was going to finish, but it's a bit hilly and I had to walk some of the hills. The last lap was nice. All the other runners were finished and there was only me, the Marshall and another lady. One of my friends from SW came back after she had finished to do the last bit with me. With her encouragement I managed a bit of a sprint finish!! I was last, but not least,

and I loved it!!

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Sounds brilliant! Well done on completing Parkrun number 1! I hope you have many more.

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Maztink in reply to Glossy

Oh it was! Next time I wont be so anxious. I might even enjoy it more! Not sure if that's possible. Really tired now but I think that's lack of sleep!!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Maztink

Just keep it steady and slow:)

Well done! .. glad you enjoyed it.

Onwards and upwards, good luck for next time.

Happy running!

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Over the years I can only remember a couple of people reporting a bad experience at their first parkrun. Most are totally bowled over by the support, encouragement and atmosphere of what seems to be a glorious non judgemental celebration of running, wherever you take part in it.

I am glad it was good for you and now you have a parkrun PB to chip away at.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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