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CATCH- up- CORNER... JANUARY WEEK 3...Slip off your shoes...Come on in...

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" Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken."

This was a quotation that my water-colour teacher shared with our group last week. Serving, to express the thought that we are who we are, we paint as we paint, in our own way , in our own style. We and our painting are unique.

Yes. You know got me thinking.

As an Admin' here on the forums, I read a lot of posts, and, over the years, there seems to be a fair few folk who, when they begin to run, and begin to post, worry overly, about their running. Am I going fast enough, why are people moving faster than me, I will never reach 5K in nine weeks ( we stop that worry quite easily:). Everyone sees to be finding it easier, I am really struggling, my friend runs faster than me but is older, I don't want to run with other people, in case they think I am not a real runner. Yes I read that here, last week....... it goes on

Okay, well. Lets face facts. There will always, always, be someone who runs faster, runs further and probably easier than you. There is no point in comparing yourself with them, because all that does is make you feel down, depressed and worse, discouraged!

So... tips ?

* Accept your limitations.

All of us are wonderfully, different! Shape, size, age and genes! No, not those ones! All this matters, as does your life style and your life circumstances!

Your level of fitness is as unique, as you are. Some runners here will find running Week 9 as easy as running Week 1, some, (hopefully not) , but maybe, the reverse; some, after graduation will choose to go on to 10K, Half Marathons and beyond. Some will not, some will be perfectly happy to run the runs and the distances that are right for them. Just accept where you are , who you are and what makes you, YOU! Run to your goal, accepting and embracing what your body is capable of achieving.

*Run steadily and with the right amount of effort.

Maybe try not to run by pace? There is no shame, despite imagining that everyone else is faster than you, in being slow and steady. It is my mantra and always will be, and MY slow and steady will be different to yours! So... enjoy the run, and sometimes at least, try to take a real sense of pride in those slow runs?

Now a big one...

*Times when you feel you are struggling .

Injury that keeps you on the IC, when you see other friends here on the forum moving ahead. Time constraints or just life getting in the way of our running. There are I feel, very few of us who get through our running without experiencing that. Do not lose heart. Easier said than done, but getting upset and frustrated can take away the joy of the runs. By comparing yourself with other folk these struggles and frustrations and disappointments will lead to a downward spiral.

*Stay focused and stay positive .

Hard days, yes, there will be some but believe me, there will be also, the most amazing days too.

*Look forward and make steady progress.

You are running to your goals, in your own way and your own time. None of us have any need to compare ourselves with anyone else... we may admire, we may learn and we may take tips from them, but that is not comparison.

Our running belongs to us and it serves our purpose, whatever that purpose may be. My reasons are not yours. Our running persona is ours and ours alone.

We should celebrate every step of Our running, even the stumbling ones. They all make up our accomplishments and our other persons, but ours.

So... I tell myself this.... and I try very hard to take it in. Right now. I am still not running, but I am nearly there.. I have managed walks and yoga, though ! I have over the last few days felt twinges of envy. I know a fair few folk who. like me have had Covid and within a very short time are up and running with no issues. But, I realised very quickly also , that is them, and not me. We are as I said, wonderfully all different. and I know that soon, my body will tell me, now. it is your turn. :)

Okay... now I have rambled enough... grab a cushion and come and tell us what you have been up to this last week.

Maybe, just maybe, you may have felt a tad envious of someone whilst on your running travels. maybe not... but anyway, we are here, snug in the corner. and ready to talk and listen :)

Oldfloss x

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Hey there OF 👋🏻 great advice as usual, I ran the whole of ct5k alone and had nobody to compare to, which was great, but sometimes difficult and sometimes lonely. I then teamed up with an old work friend and we became running buddies, I loved it - I felt I could run further distances without really realising as we were chatting and just keeping it slow and steady. I then joined a running club so I could safely run through the dark nights of winter which I love doing. But … what I’ve found is competitiveness going on - my friend is younger and fitter and always checking her pace; something I’ve never done. I’m glad the running club doesn’t pressure us but encourages us and supports us so I’m remaining true to myself, not getting caught up in timings and pace but just enjoying being able to run when I can. I did my first park run of the year this weekend and my time was much longer than usual but I was so happy to just be there and complete it - timings - pace - im truly not bothered! I’m in it for me and feeling happy to be able to run ☺️😘 x I can’t wait to read your first running post of 2023 x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Dendev75

Remaining true to ourself. That says it all, and wonderfully you are doing it... You are welcome here and I am hoping as folk pop in they will be reading this. A lone runner, ( as am I), where the only person you have, is you:) It is easier to run that way, and then you have moved on, first with a friend and then with a group, where you see, those little signs of comparison. So interesting... checking the pace, and timings, and maybe even subconsciously, your friend is thinking of what others are doing?

Reading your reply, I feel we are very fortunate... happy with ourselves, not complacent, or content to just stay in a rut... ( quite the opposite), because I am sure that you, as do I, that there are goals we set for ourselves which are important to us. But we are lucky... we run, that is enough, and we, as runners, we are enough :)

Thank you so much for this x


I cannot wait to post that first run ! x

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that’s such a good post Oldfloss, you’ve hit the nail on the head with me. As you know when you read my post, I haven’t run for awhile and I am experiencing quite bad anxiety. Yesterday I went for a run and it was 3.5 miles on Strava, but it was over 15 minutes per mile, and people kept overtaking me and I kept saying why am I so slow, but I did it and mentally I felt much better. I then questioned why I said that to myself, because it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you go. It’s getting out there and doing your thing your way and making yourself feel proud. I am proud and I’m going out there again tomorrow plodding along and bring me, a very chuffed me for doing it.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to Agelesslass

Well done for getting out there and enjoying your run. ☺️

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Agelesslass

How wonderful to see you on your cushion here with us in the corner. I am delighted to see you and to read this. Even better, you did a run and then you took stock of what you had done and you came to exactly the right conclusion.

You got out there, against all your odds, you did it against your own odds, and you did it in your own time and at your own pace.

You felt proud, and so you should... well done you. Pop in here at any time you feel like it x

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Such wise words Floss, I'm still curled up on your cushions but did manage a walk with dog and daughter this evening, feel better for it, hoping to get off the couch on Wednesday and run a short run as it's my day off 😃 xx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

That sounds lovely...getting the walks in when you are able. It all serves to keep us moving! I often image when you post, you, and your daughter, and dog, walking in some of the areas your photos show.. A sunset and maybe the sea...

It is good to have you on your cushion in the corner. I hope you do get out on Wednesday... I have my fingers crossed for Thursday??? Snow permitting :)

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

If you have snow, please send a photo, we haven't seen a flake yet this winter. Our walks are in the dark, when it's quiet and when we are both home from work, no rain is forecast for Wednesday so I'm hopeful xx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

I will indeed x

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Hello Oldfloss . Very wise words and just as relevant to those on the Bridge or the Marathon forums.

And as you haven’t quoted you favourite saying, I will. “Comparison is the thief of joy”

I am sure it won’t be long before you are putting on your favourite leggings and heading for the trails and village lanes again. In the meantime, do enjoy your watercolour painting.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Dexy5

Ha ha.... I was very tempted.... But I took on board the one that our art teacher shared too:)

It can be hard, particularly for our new runners to avoid. With something new, there is a feeling on uncertainty and understandably people will look at the progress of others. As we move on too, as you say, there may be elements of this ... looking at the next steps, folk doing events and maybe ourselves not quite there.

I feel fortunate that I have always been content in my own running skin... maybe because I started later? Not sure. I am getting ready for that first little foray... it will be a gentle jogette... and it will, however short, feel good. Thank you. We are painting mackerel this week!!

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Love that running outfit, OF! Wowee! So coordinated! I run in my jeans, a couple sweatshirts, maybe a tee shirt (depending on the weather,) a fleece jacket, gloves, hat, and a windbreaker. Well, that’s because it’s winter here. I wish we had park runs here but where I am, even though there are 660,000 other people here, we don’t. 😟

I’m just keeping up with my every-other-day running and every-other-day muscle work, little though it is. I try to add repetitions when I think I can work it up a notch.

I’m running with the goal of good health and take it very seriously because I’m at risk of cancer. I could do better if I knew how to motivate myself to run longer than Stepping Stones. My son says to just run it twice but that doesn’t appeal to me enough to do it. Part of the reason is that Stepping Stones ramps up the speed and it doesn’t appeal to me to run through it twice, the second time slowing down again when starting it again. I really need Audio Fuel to come out with some longer runs. I read this week that for optimal health, we should consider 150 minutes of good exercise like brisk walking , jogging, or running. With a break in running every other day, I’m only getting 90 minutes; that’s not optimal so I’m not happy about that. BTW, when I was doing C25K, I asked my doctor if I could do it every day, because I was liking it so much, and she said, “No!” Okay, I’m done ranting.

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nowsterGraduate in reply to LiisaM

The actual recommendations are:

The new guidelines address children, adolescents, adults, older adults and include new specific recommendations for pregnant and postpartum women and people living with chronic conditions or disability. All adults should undertake 150–300 min of moderate-intensity, or 75–150 min of vigorous-intensity physical activity, or some equivalent combination of moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, per week.

LiisaM profile image
LiisaMGraduate in reply to nowster

Nowster, Thank you so much for posting this. I appreciate it more than I can say! Here’s an interesting take on the research, as well:

nowster profile image
nowsterGraduate in reply to LiisaM

The major change in the recommendations is that it used to be that the exercise bout had to be 10 minutes minimum to count towards the total. The update is that all activity of whatever duration counts, even (for example) a dash across the road to beat the traffic.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

Thanks you x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

That was a while ago... The Spitfire Run at RAF Cosford. I am a tad more stream lined now... I deliberately started near the back of the pack, because I am really content with my pace. It got me round the 10K wonderfully, and I enjoyed it. It was an unseasonably warm day for September... 17 degrees on the runway!

You do amazingly and you do keep up with your strength and stamina and your running as and when you are able. There are longer runs out there.. go back on to the NRC and check some of them out.

There are always recommendations for how much, how far, how often.... and yes, sometimes we need to adhere to them, but, "... that way madness lies ..." as King Lear said !

We do, as I said, in a past Corner post, exactly what we are able. Just carry on doing what you are doing and look for some longer runs...some of the ones on NRC will suit you wonderfully.

I know, from your posts and our chats, that you are running for your health and how seriously you take it, but try not to focus too hard on what you feel you have to be doing, but rather moving forward on what you are doing...:)

You are doing brilliantly my friend... and it is always so good to see you here xx

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I had to learn chunks of King Lear for a totally unrelated play (Kindly Leave the Stage), and it struck me how crude some of the king's speeches are. (eg. "Blow winds and crack your cheeks" is a fart joke.) And the other thing (a common theme in Shakespeare) is that the fool is wiser than the king.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

It is... I have to say... I do love a bit of Shakespeare and have to restrain myself a lot when I hear misquotes!

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LottieMWGraduate in reply to LiisaM

here to second OF…defo have a look at NRC. You can choose timed runs or distance runs. There are speed runs, recovery runs, headspace runs, long runs, short runs…you get my drift 😉

They all emphasis exactly what Oldfloss is saying…you are you, don’t worry about the rest. It’s your pace and your effort.


LiisaM profile image
LiisaMGraduate in reply to LottieMW

the thing is: I feel a need for the accompanying music and NRC doesn’t give that. Yes, Coach B is wonderful but there are long spaces in between him talking with no sound…..

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

You add your own... the NRC guide gives you that option.:)

MissUnderstanding profile image
MissUnderstandingAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

I just play my own music underneath. It’s a bit glitchy-when the NRC run starts it often causes something random to play but if you’re quick, you can just restart the music you wanted without any problems. Usually the worst that happens is if I’m too slow, the first bit of NRC commentary is a bit quiet but after that, the music dips when the coach is talking.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to MissUnderstanding

I use that system too, if I want music... although I do like the quiet time to suss things out and focus on what CB has said... I have Amazon Music and it works just fine ... it is what I play if I am not doing a NRC run.. I do need my ABBA to keep me moving sometimes. with an occasional blast from the Treorchy Male voice choir!:)

MissUnderstanding profile image
MissUnderstandingAdministrator in reply to Oldfloss

Welsh male voice choirs are just the best! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ❤️🏃‍♀️

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LiisaMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

oh, OF! I had not heard of that choir! I just listened to a bit on YouTube. Where do you get your download door it? This would be wonderful!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Not heard of ABBA ??

AcryllicAfternoons profile image

Thank you Old Floss. I have struggled to find the enthusiasm for running I had since Christmas and illness. I skipped my run yesterday and am worried I'll lose fitness. Running is the one thing I've stuck to so I don't want to stop but my mind is telling me I can't be bothered right now.

Determined to carry on and will run at least twice this week as I did last week. 3 times will be a bonus. Just running short 15 min runs to keep my hand in since Christmas until my enthusiasm returns which I'm sure it will - probably when I'm fully better and when the weather gets warmer.

Thank you for your post which has made me feel better and less harsh on myself.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to AcryllicAfternoons

How good to see you here. I have just stoked up the fire and there are warm drinks ready for folk! Sit on the cushion a while and relax. I feel that what you are doing is exactly right... I have not run since 30th November, the weather closed in and then Covid hit the week before Christmas! So you saying this heartens me greatly.

The runs wait and if you get the three in fine, But if only tow or even one happen, then that is right for you, ( or me). Illness of any kind impacts us, to a lesser or greater degree.

Waiting to heal and waiting to feel better is just what you should do. I am hoping that the lengthening days, and the thought of the Spring to come will restore your enthusiasm, I feel sure it will.

I am glad you feel better... your reply has made me feel better too...

Sometimes, we forget that we are important and it is important that we are ourselves . x

BarbieW profile image

Great post OF, yes I know what you mean about comparisons, as I have a friend who runs regular half marathons and wins races all over the place. No way am I even going to think about going out with her! We don’t even talk running much!

I went out for my first post DVT walk round the park yesterday and it was tough; talk about slow and steady, just how much slower can you walk with a walking stick? But I got out there and felt so much better for it. And I now have a base line to build on, both distance and time. But it will always be slow and steady, just not quite so!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to BarbieW

Hello... it is so good to see you here after your little slow and steady promenade... Huge well done to you! At one time we would have been considered so graceful and ladylike sauntering around the park with a light cane or our umbrellas ! :)

Just carry on with what you are doing and know that you are going to just make steady progress. I think the words slow and steady are cropping up here so often now. The pandemic, the weather, illness and life at this moment in time has taken it's toll on so many of us.. BUT, we shall get back to it...

I know that races are just brilliant and perfect for the folk who love doing them, I would imagine that they do enjoy them as we enjoy not doing is a good job we are all so different. We get a balance and we learn from the different perspectives of all us. Just great being part of such a community x

Take care you. You are wlcome here any time x

MissUnderstanding profile image

That’s a great outfit. I approve of the leggings especially!

Throughout c25k, I didn’t really worry too much about whether I was too slow or not, but once I graduated all those gremlins hit. I had finished the program. I was not a learner any more. I was a graduate so I should be running further, and faster, and be doing races, and I should be doing longer races, I should be going to parkrun and I should be at the gym doing strength work, and my form should be better… “I should” just sucks the joy out of running.

This week has been a tricky one and I’ve really enjoyed just going out with no real intention for a specific time or distance. No headspace to worry about whether anyone will think I’m too slow or uncoordinated for someone who has been running a year. Just putting a podcast on and getting lost in the repetitiveness of step after step. That ended up with a my longest run in a good few months. More than the distance, it was just nice to come back feeling better than when I left the house.

Thanks for another great post. ❤️

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to MissUnderstanding

Welcome... the cushion, the coffee and croissant are right here! Well, because it was The Spitfire Run . 10K at RAF Cosford... the whole theme is flying. So RAF Blue and my husband's flying scarf! It was a fabulous Day, with bands and songsters and a wonderful tea van!

Gosh... I am getting some wonderful phrases to use in future posts. " I should, sucks the joy out of running". How true that is, but probably not easy to avoid, sometimes? It has made me think a tad harder, about how careful I need to be about how I phrase things... e.g. Trying to pop in strength and stamina e.g... more suggestive than prescriptive ?

I feel that you have demonstrated wonderfully in your runs and your posts, how running for yourself is the thing... not being driven by anyone or anything other than , wanting to run and listening to your own voices, telling you exactly what that run should be.

I am really glad that you got that longer run in, proving the point. Listening to your own body and hearing it, works. Coming back and feeling better for it.

Perfect. Well done you, and thank you for popping in x

MissUnderstanding profile image
MissUnderstandingAdministrator in reply to Oldfloss

I’ve just finished off the last of the posh cheese bread from the local bakers with some coffee so breakfast has been an extra good start to the day here. I would never say no to a croissant though!

That sounds like a super event. I love planes and I was supposed to be doing a 5k around the runways of the local airport and then I fell over. Sad to miss it but there’s always next year. I bet RAF Cosford was a brilliant place to run.

You’ve always had a great way of suggesting helpful things to do without being proscriptive about it. I think all the pressure to do more and be faster comes from inside me. I try and think about what I’d tell someone else who was telling me the things that I sometimes tell myself. There’s a great NRC run called “I need a teammate” (I think) and that talks a lot about how we’re often far harder on ourselves than we would be on anyone else. Focussing on the positive things we can do and not beating ourselves us for the things we can’t is so important. Having goals and working towards them is brilliant as long as they’re realistic, appropriate for where we are, flexible and not a stick to beat ourselves with.

Thanks again for the reminder! ❤️

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to MissUnderstanding

That sounds incredibly yummy! RAF Cosford is a super venue and the day was so warm, we were all in t shirts!

I know that NRC run... ! Why is it we are so tough on ourselves! We all need to cheer ourselves... we are awesome!

Elfe5 profile image

OF, what an encouraging post thank you. 😄 (I sent your art teacher’s excellent quote to my daughter who has 2 job interviews today! )

I too am still not running - & yes sometimes I feel discouraged. However, in the last few days I have been able to use the exercise bike and rebounder gently which feels a significant step forward after flu/ chest infection ( exercise outside in cold air is not an option yet.) Steps towards fitness (& eventually running) are cheering. 😄

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Elfe5

Hello you! Every good wish and positivity being sent to your daughter for her interviews...I heard another one that was said to me... after an interview where after they asked me if I had anything to add, I went on at some length and apologised for , blowing my own trumpet... One of the interviewers said to me... If you don't blow it, no one else will. I got the job :)

Just like our running really... we should celebrate our successes loudly and as often as we can, and when we are unable to run we can still chat about our runs and share our ideas and tips too! This cold air is such a problem isn't it... I think getting onto your exercise bike is great way to keep the heart working well and body in good trim! I know exactly how you feel. I simply dropped some charity boxes at a place near me... you just park outside and place on trolleys. The air was like pure ice! I was glad to get home again.

You are making progress my friend, and you will be out there again. Pop in again any time and let us know how your daughter fares, please....Spring is coming... x

Elfe5 profile image
Elfe5Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Helloooo! I’m dropping in again to let you know that my daughter has just heard that she did get the job! 😄

Blowing your own trumpet is a funny one isn’t it - in many ways quite “unBritish”, but definitely necessary in interviews….and you are exactly right- celebrating our successes is important.

Hope you & Mr OF are continuing to mend post Covid. 😘🤗

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Elfe5

Yeayyyyyy...that is fantastic! Tell her, really well done...that is such happy news.Yes we are, thank you..a lovely snowy walk today in glorious sunshine.. only 2 miles...but a start!

Snowy walk
Elfe5 profile image
Elfe5Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you- I will.😄

A snowy, sunny walk sounds a great start. Being able to cope with the cold air after Covid is a significant step forward- I’m so pleased to hear it. Xx

Parcelrunner profile image

Fabulous words OF and so very true. I am at the frustration point but also acceptance that I am not who i was 12 months ago.Last Christmas I had a dose of Covid and have really struggled with breathing and fitness since.

I am still battling through trying to believe that there is some good in every run and to just do the run you can do.

Very frustrating though.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Parcelrunner

Hello... take a cushion and rest awhile.

It is so hard isn't it and frustrating too, and battling against things seems to just compound the frustration. The after effects of Covid are still being researched, Such a devious clever fiend, there is no way to avoid the aftermath that is particular to you.

This is why I and so many of us are doing things like Active 10 and the Yoga challenges on S and F. Helping to keep our body moving comfortably without strain or stress and easing our mind set too.

I know it helping me get through this long time of NO run at all. I am sure when I get out it will not be easy, but I want it not to set me back so much that I am afraid to run ...

Maybe try some of the NRC walk/runs? That could be a gentle way to get back in... ? I know as and when I shall be looking at Tough Day Easy Run!!!

Patience my friend... we will get there... it may take a while but get there we will. x

Annieapple profile image

Such great advice and encouragement dear friend. So pleased to hear you are you are on the move. Hoping you will be back to running by the Spring. The main thing as you say is to recover well and listen to your body. Some lovely posts from others around the fireside. Adding my bit from Snoopy. Xx

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Annieapple

Love it... ! Thank you... There are some really interesting replies to the post, and so many folk showing everyone who read the replied how determined they are. Folk are going through so much and we all have different ideas and different perspectives on things, but the common bond, is strength Self belief and self- knowledge.

Knowing as limberlou 's post shows how pre-conceived ideas, folk get may be so incorrect. Younger folk struggling, and especially after illness, older runners, moving happily and steadily onwards. Showing how evry run is so different for so many of us. The self confidence that tells us as runners... running... however far at whatever pace is enough. We are enough.

limberlou profile image

I am so glad I read your post today as I and my daughter have both been gripped with “I’ve lost my fitness and I don’t feel like I can run anymore”. Having had at least 3 bouts of covid over the last year and struggled back slower after each one, we had for the whole of December a flu like virus.. with aches and pains, coughing and sneezing and not a real cold just a drizzly nose ( almost like allergy/ hay fever) and tested several times but always negative. So we didn’t run for whole of December.

Both ran on Jan 1st and mine was good ( ran 5k and only a minute slower than usual). I was quite pleased with that after such a long break (5 weeks since Tim’s run)but my daughter however did not have such a good experience. She struggled to run a mile out and a mile back. Had to sit and recover before turning back and barely managed to run back , having stopped and walked a couple of times. Before this virus she was running 8-10 miles a couple times a week and a shorter run too. She is only 35 and doesn’t have asthma like me.

Then things got in the way for the rest of the week and I didn’t manage to run again till the 8th, another week , but I had walked and done Pilates a couple of times so I set off quite confidently ….. and really struggled. I couldn’t get my breath… was only out for 16 mins and had to walk 4 times and use my inhaler 4 times ( unheard of for me!! It’s usually a puff morning and evening and sometimes I forget and can still run!!) but I had been finding it hard walking upstairs without getting out of breath so I had wisely taken it with me this time.

My daughter also didn’t run till the 8th and she went out and ran 4 miles with no issues this time and was really pleased. “ I think I’m back to normal “ she beamed while I was “perhaps I ought to just give up…. Maybe I’ll never get fit again” all doom and gloom.

Fast forward to this week. Yet again busy week.. my sons friend from school died (cancer leaving 3 youngish adopted kids with special needs and hubby cleared off years ago ) so he has needed mum -with feeling helpless and as though he should have been able to do something , I’ve been helping an old friend ,who is poorly after 2 heart attacks, sort her flat out and being really too busy to run and also couldn’t face the weather, managed 2 Pilates classes ( via ZOOM) but finally dragged myself out on Saturday morning after persuading my son to go to the gym. (Best thing I did )! He felt much better when he got back and I had another really good run. I only did about 4k as it started raining really hard which then turned to hail but my breathing was much better and I felt invigorated , especially after a hot shower!!

My daughter on the other hand ran yesterday and again had a horrible run, slowed it right down, still struggled, legs ached, got stitch and generally didn’t enjoy it.

So odd how each run is so diferent and you can feel fine when you leave the house but then the run is a struggle, then another run you can think “I’ll just see if I can do a short one “ and it turns into one of the best runs you have had. I decided last summer after 2nd bout of covid I was going to not think “oh I wasn’t as fast this time or didn’t go as far “ I was just going to think “I went out and ran a bit. I didn’t just sit on the couch. “. And it works most of the time. I try not to compare myself with other younger people or even older people who are faster than me, I just think Iam running for me and nobody else and I shall go as fast or slow or short or long a run as I want.

And I think that’s all any of us can do unless we want to seriously compete at running which I definitely don’t!!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to limberlou

Hello and welcome..

You and family have had a heck of a time to put it mildly!

Three bouts of Covid is enough in itself, but add in all the rest, and it is little wonder any of you ran again. But you did run. You seem to have struggled but are finding the right way to getting back to your runs. The post viral symptoms have a true knack of re appearing even when we think they have gone. My own daughter is still coughing... then has days of none at all... only to have it restart. Maybe your daughter will ease back a little and try some more walking before heading out again...

There seems to have been so much getting in the way of your runs and all serving to drain you of energy and time. But... you are finding joy in the journeys you do make... and that says it all. Running, the way you wish to...

I hope our forum friends do read this and take heart from it. We are dealt a hand in so many ways, and we have to play that hand with confidence and strength, whilst accepting the rotten joker that lurks there sometimes.

You have it right... try to do what we are able and run for ourselves. We and the runs are enough. x

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Well if there are croissants, I'm in 😁.

Thought a lot about this post, as I began the C25K program a year ago in the Spring and got to week 9 run 2 and then, because I didn't really know where to go next with it and the weather got really hot, I let it all slide. I was also competitive the first time around, with myself and my body and with the progress of other runners in the same week as me - and I think that this also led to me stop. If I graduated, then I wouldn't be able to compare myself to anyone and the constant prompt to keep up would disappear.

The second time around, I got to week 7 run 2 and then life, family illness, train strikes and the weather basically gave me no time for myself to even think about whether I wanted to run. I could feel this time that I was running for myself more than the first time and it was a loss to lose the fitness I had gained.

Finally, third time lucky - I am on week 6 run 2 and actually feel like I am doing better than both times before. I don't care how fast I am anymore and I am not feeling competitive either. I am just feeling grateful that I am able to run at all and that I am helping my body to get stronger and healthier. I can feel that I am now capable of crossing the finish line and continuing on, as the running feels less like a testing myself regime and more of a way to feel happy. We'll see how that goes and if I end up repeating C25K again soon, but either way I am learning more about myself each time I do this process.🌻

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mothmoss

I love croissants too!

Thank you for popping in... always a cushion here for you. Thank you too, for this reply. It does demonstrate beautifully what may happen in our running. Things creeping up on us almost unnoticed, until as you say , they impact our running and turn the pleasure into something else.

Then you had another rough bout ... life and illness and the continuing saga of disruptions in the country, adding together, to halt you in your tracks; just when you had started to run for yourself alone! This must have been a real disappointment to you.

So good to know that this time, you are where you wish to be in your running. Running for you and running for the pure joy of running. That, certainly for me, is what it is all about.

I do hope that our new runners and others will read this when they call in here. It shows us that the runs are there, we may lose them for a while and lose ourselves too, but we will eventually find our way back together.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you here with us again x

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Mothmoss in reply to Oldfloss

Sorry, still here with my plate of crumbs thinking 😊

The other thing that occured to me that is amazing about running is that it allows for life to ebb and flow with other distractions. Before now, I have paid for gym membership or an exercise class of some description and then when life got in the way as it does, I have stopped attending and ended up feeling really annoyed at myself for wasting money or not continuing to go when I started off so well, even though there was usually a good reason. With running, all I need is my trainers, the app and a fitbit and I am off, regardless of how long it has been since I last ran. No money wasted, no excuses needed - just acknowledgement that life got in the way again. It is amazing that I can just pick up where I left off and head off out the door without having to rejoin anything with reasons why I haven't been. Your posts about being a runner even if you aren't currently running also really have helped - thank you.

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Hello, lovely Oldfloss ! It’s been such a long time since I posted or even set foot on this website, but it feels very good to be back. Saddened by the loss of Tim. I know everyone will have found it very tough. I hope you are feeling up to a gentle jogette very soon: I remember our beautiful run together and hope you will be pottering along those paths again before too long.

I have been doing a Bootcamp exercise for some months now, which I love, and although my knee is scrappy and my blood sugars are hard to manage, I had a little go at week 1 run 1 this evening on our treadmill. It was good and fills me with hope that I’ll be able to potter outdoors when the weather starts to improve and spring is in the air again. Reading Tim’s post about the joy of running outdoors made me realise how much I miss it.

Wishing you and everyone else suffering with these awful viruses a steady and full recovery. I’ll be lurking 😊

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to molly1973

Welcome, welcome , welcome. It is really lovely to see you here in the Corner with us:) Every time I run that route, I think of the run we had together. You have been missed.

Tim's death was expected, but nonetheless a huge loss. His presence echoes round the forum still and the legacy he left will remain.

Well done you on maintaining your exercise and very well done on beginning C25K again. So many friends here on the forum have had real struggles these last few years, me included, and many of us have repeated bits of or all of C25K. Me included again!

The joy of repeating, is that we know we are able. We k ow what is coming and we know exactly how to run it.

The promise of better weather and longer days is helping to keep us buoyant over the darker days, and time spent here, and around the forums, chatting about our runs, ( or not running exercise), is helping too. We know that we are not alone and we are all looking forward together. I am missing the outdoors so much right now, but like everyone else, am being patient! I am making steady progress and am grateful.

Please, don't vanish again, Pop into the corner any time. I am sure many of our new runners would find your experiences on the TM most useful?

Looking forward to seeing you again and some posts from you as and when you get out there again.

Floss x

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Very wise words OF thank you! I really like your art teacher's quote! But everything you've said is true...... and a useful reminder.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Cowladyrunning

Welcome to the many good thoughts in the replies today. I feel that we may need reminders sometimes to just be kind to ourselves. We do have a tendency to be our own harshest critics :)

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