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My first blog on the new forum and my first run since I had to take a brake from January 15th with minor ankle pain.

I have never had a lot of ankle pain, the most it has been at is probably 4 out of 10 and I actually started typing this blog 2 weeks ago when I was going to start back when the pain was down to 1 out of 10. After some thought I deleted my pre-run thoughts and told myself it was too soon!!

The past couple of days I haven't had any pain issues, so went out for a slow 2 mile run. I've got a new smart phone so used the Endomondo app...details are:

distance: 2.10 miles


avg. speed: 4.79 mph

avg. pace 12:32 min/mile

calories: 258 kcal

I'm pretty happy with that after 6 and a half weeks off and I hardly walked over the first 3/4 weeks of the ankle pain.

Other news...I am getting my knees assessed by my physio tomorrow so he can advise me on how much is too much running with hypermobility syndrome, which should be interesting since my last assessment was in 2004 when I wasn't interested in running.

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Really happy with no ankle pain since my last run!

I went out again today, keeping it short and slow...


duration: 00:19:12

avg. speed: 4.84 mph

avg pace: 12:24 min/mile

I wondered to myself back in January if, even though I was sticking to short runs, I was still always trying to push myself that little bit more each run. Always wanting to beat my last time is very tempting and in my competitive nature, so I've decided that I'm not going to wear a watch for the first few weeks and potentially not run over the 2.10mile route either until I'm confident that all is well with my right ankle.

On another note there has been a sharp rise in car jackings in Belfast since the start of the new year, so I was surprised today to see a woman in her long fur coat talking on her mobile phone at the front bonnet of her Jag with her drivers door wide open. Once she saw me running towards her with my baseball cap on, she quickly turned round and slammed the car door shut. I almost laughed out loud...she really should have known better!


I have to say I'm very disappointed to report that I got some ankle pain in work yesterday evening. I wore heels slightly higher than usual, so maybe I should have known better and was up and down the stairs a bit which as aggravated it before.

This afternoon again my ankle was sore when I was leaving my apartment, I go down 2 flights of stairs and after than it was all gone even though I went on a 3 mile brisk walk with a friend, I didn't feel one ounce of pain!

Not really sure where to go here...back to avoiding heels I guess for a start.


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