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Week6 Run2 over........25 mins next

Got up at 6:45 this morning and tackled Run 2 on Week 6. Was a stunning morning; clear, crisp and bright. Ran down to the river and saw a small herd of deer, a hare, some pheasants and a farmer in his dressing gown. Am thinking of changing my route....... The 2x 10 min runs went well, although I was really tiring towards the end. The return leg is mostly uphill (I live on top of a hill so it'll be that way whichever way I decide to run) and that really hurt.

Friday is the long 25 min run. Am both looking forward to it, but also a bit worried after how I felt today. I'll just take it easy and see how it goes.

I've also entered the Sports Relief 3 mile run in York at the end of March. Aim is to run that without stopping: 3 weeks and a bit to go!

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I've also just run wk6 r2 today so well done to us! First 10 mins was brilliant except my calves were KILLING at the end, and a few seconds of my 3 min walk was to try and stretch them out a little or else i'd have hobbled home!

Second 10 mins was hard, mentally more so as it would have been just so easy to stop and say 'oh i'm resting my calves' lol.

Carried on through to the end though, and had to walk a few times up and down my road to do the warm down walk, as I had run out of road. My route that I had planned was 4.2k, so not bad, getting nearer to the 5!

Bit apprehensive about the big one on friday, but if at first I dont succeed I will just do it again :D

I have thought about signing up to the Sports Relief thing, but a bit nervous. Not gone running with a load of people before and that scary! Well done you on signing up though! Brilliant :D

Aren't we brilliant :D


You are both brilliant!!! :) It's tough doing the long uns isn't it? but you are doing it and you WILL succeed! x


Hmmmm a farmer in his dressing gown.................


As PatButcher said you are both doing FAB!!!!!

Your run sounds so much nicer than mine...I've just got roads, cars and only animals I see are the odd dog being walked!


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