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10 x the pain 10 x the gain?

wk3 r1 ....Had the scary thought that as today i ran for 3 minutes then the full 30 is 10 times what i did today oooooooh the pain, but i feel it will actually be 10 times the gain so well worth it. Was really scared about todays run but went out early and all done, not as bad as i imagined but should i fear wk 4? Who else gets a bit scared before the 'new' ( r1) run? hope its not just me!!!!!!! looking forward to r2 now ive got today out of the way.

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I think I have feared every week so far but honestly it's never as bad as you think. You just need to take your rest days and trust in the programme :)

The benefits far outweigh the pain, I'm so much fitter just after 4 1/2 weeks - keep going!


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