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Anyone use Hoka shoes? Are they the most padded ones to use?

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Welcome to the forum.

In respect of shoes have a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop and find out what suits your running style, rather than take advice from someone else whose perfect shoe may be wholly unsuitable for you. This guide to buying running shoes may help

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

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I wear Hoka shoes, they have been super comfortable since day one. Not cheap, but would definitely recommend.

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I love them too. Which style has the thickest sole- do you know?

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……also as IT mentioned, I went to a specialist running shop, they analysed my feet, ankles etc stationary and moving then brought a few different styles/makes to try. They also had a short covered runway to try them out as they observed and made adjustments. Well worth the time spent.

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Not sure, these are mine.

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Thanks. I have 2 pairs already but can’t remember what they’re called but would like a pair with a thicker sole. I only buy on line since covid.

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Another side image to follow…

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Thanks. They’re deeper than mine. Never seen that name but will look on their website 🏃‍♀️

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Last one, I usually wear 6.5, was advised to go up half size. Perfect running fit.

Side view!
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Hoka Bondi is their most cushioned road shoe I do believe Check out their website 🙂👍

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Bondi 8 are out now I believe. I wore Bondi 7 for over 600 miles and loved them. In the Hoka range they are ideal for comfy, slower and longer runs. I ran one of my marathons in them. I think there are comfier shoes out there but Hoka are typically low drop. I love them. ATR6 for trails. Mach 4 for everyday or zippy ones. There are some great reviews on YouTube. I've not personally experienced any issues with Hoka.

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Thanks- great to know this.

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I went to a good running shop and got a gait analysis, I can't recommend it enough, even if I'm looking for different running shoes e.g trail I go back and get their advice. The shop I go to let's me run around the block to try them out, so do a little bit of research beforehand. Good luck 🙂

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I’ve just bought some Hoka Arahi 6. I have been running in Brooks Glycerin and kept getting sore shins. The Hoka’s are so much more comfy and I haven’t had any more sore shins.

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I had planned to get a gait analysis, but (for better or worse), I decided against it. I came across a couple of people in running groups who only had problems after having one and changing to the recommended shoes! I did a bit of research and some experts say that most people do best with neutral shoes and it is only where there is an obvious over/under pronation problem (which is not common at all) where a non neutral shoe would be needed. I am not saying don’t get a gait analysis, just that I chose not to. I have arthritis in my feet and a history of plantar fasciitis, so I do need good underfoot protection/padding. When choosing new shoes (again after lots of reviewing). I chose Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 2 and find them to be excellent. I bought them from this company. Delivery was quick and they offer free returns.

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Contento1 in reply to CatPriya

Thanks for this I’ll take a look

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Yes I had a gate analysis at Cotswold they were so good and recommended the Hoka trainers. I have bunions but these shoes have been so comfortable and I have had no discomfort.

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I see people recommending extra padded shoes. This isn't necessarily a good thing. At the very least they encourage bad habits.

Also, bunions are caused more by the shape of a shoe than anything else. When the toes are forced to move diagonally sideways from their natural position, that's what triggers a bunion.

(Trying not to preach.)

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