Early Morning Runs?

I'm on W2R3 - and feeling pretty good about it *smug* lol!

Becuase of my schedule this week, the only way I'm going to fit in three runs with rest days is if I do one early morning tmw before work, getting up about 40 mins early I think. I'm a bit worried about it (not least oversleeping!)

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions to make it easier?

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6 Replies

  • I've just started so you may get better replies but I get everything ready the night before. Kit ready, cup ready for when I get back for a cuppa, alarm set. That way it's all ready and no stress. I just make sure I'm warm with proper clothing and a light raincoat if it rains.

  • Put running clothes on the radiator so they are toasty warm when you put them on- Sometimes I have to coax myself into them that way, especially when its so cold and dark!

  • These are really nice and helpful thoughts - thank you!

    I laid everything out on the radiator like suggested - but forgot my heating desnt come on til later, so while I was hoping to have nice warm joggers they were as cold as everything else in the house! Thankfully not a freezing morning! But all ready to go

    I couldn't find my headphones last night, as I got back later than I was intending and started to priortise sleep over looking for them. When I woke up at that ungodly hour the best way I coudl think of to drag myself from the warmth, was that if i couldn't find them, I'd go back to bed, cos running wthout music and coaching is rubbish... thankfully they were in the first place I looked so off I went!

    Managed about 2.5m, only the penultimte run was a bitchallenging - and my next one on Friday will be week 3 run 1 - I'm acutally looking forward to it a bit, which would stun just about everyone I know

    For others looking at this thread I'd suggest not underetimating the confusion of changing your routine in really minor ways - I spent several seconds staring at the back of the bathroom door wondering where my dressing gown was when I got out the shower - but I'd gone in in running gear, not straight from bed - silly!

  • Good for you for getting out there. I thought you were going to say you were wearing your dressing gown when getting out the house! I can't muster the mornings, but I know I would feel very smug if I did, but mornings are for bed! Enjoy Week 3 Run 1.

  • I can't seem to run any other time, but in the mornings.

    I'm pretty accident prone (don't laugh), so I would probably trip, fall, sprain or twist something if I ran in the dark. As others have said, if you can get your running gear ready before your run. I set two alarms, so I have to get up.

    It's hard, but when I am back I can conquer the world. I'm now on Week 7, run 2. I cannot believe how far I've come.

    I believe change is good, so if you can get up to do your run and head off to work what a day you will have. I think the smugness (is that a word?) would be oozing!

    Good luck.

  • You will find very quickly that you wake up before your alarm. I always run mornings, my wife doesn't (at this time of year), so no alarms and I only very rarely sleep in. I reckon you will need to set aside an hour, to be honest, what with preparation, warmup/down, run and stretches after a 30 minute run.

    Well done with the smugness, it's par for the course. Keep running, keep smiling.

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