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Advice please!

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I’ve had a rough day with my poorly 8 month old plus surprise visitors. Once she is in bed I need to do urgent admin that I was meant to do today that needs to be submitted tomorrow. Question is, do I go for run 2 of week 2 after? Is it bad if I push it back a day or is that a slippery slope?

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Life happens to us all.

As stated in the guide to the plan, you lose no significant condition in the first two weeks of non running. After that loss of condition is gradual.

All any of us can do after a lay off is to go out for a gentle run and see what we can comfortably manage, then use C25k or something similar to rebuild stamina and resistance to injury.

Thank you - I ended up having to leave it as I didn’t finish what I needed to until 11.30pm! Good to know I haven’t thrown it all out the window. I can’t seem to find the guide your talking about? I’ve read through a lot of guides but I don’t remember seeing what you have put.

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Listen to what you are able and take it from there.Awesome, working Mamas just take it in their will you x

Thank you. It’s hard work trying to juggle everything!

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Important rule, keep it Flexible life can throw the odd curve ball, so simply make it fit around you, as long as you grab those rest days, you'll be just fine

Thank you. I’m trying my hardest but I’m naturally quite hard on myself!

No it's not that bad its only one day I was supposed to do week 2 run 2 on Tuesday but I started my new job and ended up working a 14hour shift so I've pushed mine back to today (wednesday). Don't beat yourself up x

By the looks of it we are still on the same run one the same days then as I had to push yesterday’s back to today also! Life kicked my butt yesterday so needed to just accept that I would need to let go of yesterday’s run and carry it out today.

Congratulations on the new job x

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